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ibrica_orahovac And GwaeBloom

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All In Dsc.

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This mod is originally created by GWAEBLOOM,so all credits goes to him,
i have just finished some interiors and added a chapel on Wyrmstooth.

Adds chapels to the Skyrim world.
Chapels to stumble upon in your travels! 
Custom Music to play in the Chapels. Adds a completely new section to music and does not replace any tracks. 

Chapel of Zenithar - Shor's Stone 
Chapel of Talos (Kynesgrove Priory) - Kynesgrove 
Cathedral of Stendarr (Lindisfarne Priory & Winery) - North East Falkreath
Chapel Of Kynareth - Whiterun Outskirts

A second file adds amongs the existing four chapels adds an chapel of Zenithar on Wyrmstooth Island,ona place of orcish stronghold.

The other file is with map markers.The chapel of Stendar is named Hall Of Vigilant,and aformer hall is renamed To Vigilante of Stendarr Outpost,since it is destroyed in Dawnguard DLC.

Hope you like it :)