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A combat and skill balancing tool for your game.

Lightweight. Compatible. Customizable. Features include balancing options for weapons, magic, potions & poisons, skills, enemy types and experience gains.

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Short Summary

This mod is basically a streamlined, combat and skill focused, SkyTweak with some novel features. It offers everything you need to get a balanced combat experience. It is as compatible as you can get and fully customizable.

Things you can adjust:
General Balance: Damage dealt, damage taken, weapon balance, potions & poisons, strength of different enemy types...
Magic Skills: Adjust damage, cost and duration, let them scale with your skill level...
Combat Skills: Damage multipliers, level scaling, power attack multipliers, block efficiency...
Stealth Skills: Ease of sneaking, lockpicking and pickpocketing, strength of shouts, buy and sell prices...
Experience: Overall experience gain, experience gain per skill...
Attributes: Unarmed attacks, falling damage, easier sneaking in dark areas only (darker night mods)...


Why did I create Simply Balanced when there are already mods like SkyTweak and Balance Your Own Game out there?

Because they could not satisfy me personally, despite being great mods in their own right. BYOG is by Skyrim mod standards ancient and unfortunately does not come with a nice, quickly adjustable MCM menu, which is its downfall. While SkyTweak does not suffer from this, it is very much an anything and everything kind of deal, with the mod seemingly throwing any variable it can get a hold of right at you. This makes it a very powerful tool for sure, but it also feels very unfocused and overburdened to me. The overwhelming scope of SkyTweak also brings some soft compatibility concerns with it. Simpler and smaller balance adjusting mods exist, though they typically suffer from the inverse of this, being not exhaustive enough and lacking in features.
In my opinion the game was missing a middle ground, a streamlined balancing tool with clear responsibilities. Lastly there were some features which I wanted to have in my game that simply are not offered by any mod I have seen so far, so I had to come up with something of my own.

Simply Balanced therefore is my attempt to fill this niche. It comes with a well structured MCM menu, focuses on combat and skills, is as compatible as you can get and also offers some exclusive features. Additionally it plays particularly nicely with my other mod, True Armor, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in immersive gameplay and realistic, in-depth combat.


Simply Balanced is focused on enhancing combat and skill balance. All of its effects, with only one notable exception (overriding game difficulty), are achieved by simply adding perks to the player character. This makes Simply Balanced extremely compatible and enables it to play along with other mods which make similar adjustments, taking them into account instead of overwriting them. All settings can be disabled or enabled in small logical units on an as needed basis.

Note that there is a set of example settings included with this mod which you can use if you have FISS installed. However with a mod as subjective and as load order dependend as this one, there is no way the provided example will fit your needs perfectly, so you will want to go over them yourself. For an overview of all features you can simply refer to the uploaded images. Other than that I would like to shed some light on the two more unconventional features:

Weapon Equalization:
Reduces the differences in damage between high and low level weapons, thereby increasing the range of viable weapons. Overall this leads to low level weapons being a lot more deadly, which also buffs the weaker enemies and is much more realistic.
Additionally this will work with any weapon, even ones added by mods without touching the weapon files at all.

The weapon damage after equalization is calculated as follows: Weapon Damage * Retained Damage + (1 - Retained Damage) * Equalization Target

There are a few downsides to this method one should be aware of: It also reduces weapon skill scaling, tempering and power attack modifications, because the perk gets applied later than them (though with maximum priority so other perks get applied later in turn). The lost standard weapon skill scaling and lost standard power attack damage are restored by the perk afterwards. But dynamic changes by perks or mods to these values cannot be accounted for. To me it is worth it.

Darkness Detection:
Darkness detection is just a multiplier to the enemies detection range which scales with how much light there is around you. I created these settings mainly for use with darker night mods as the enemies often spot you from ridiculous distances even if it appears to be pitch black and they should stand no hope of finding you. I didn't just want to make sneaking easier in general though, only when it is really dark, which is what these settings do.

The Darkness Detection value is the maximum benefit you can gain. Setting this to 50% for example enables you to get twice as close to an enemy as you would otherwise be able to, but only if the light level of your character is darker than the Falloff Start. As soon as it gets brighter than this the falloff begins to kick in and you get diminishing returns based on how bright it is and how steep you set the falloff to be.

Darkness Detection = 50%, Falloff Rate = 2, Falloff Start = 50
If you are in an area with a light level of 40, enemies detection range will be set to 50.0% of what it would be otherwise.
If you are in an area with a light level of 70, enemies detection range will be set to 87.5% of what it would be otherwise.

This feature is bound to the games light level calculations for the player. Unfortunately they are not very accurate or even consistent at all. For example dynamic shadows such as by a tree are not taken into account at all. Often environments which are subjectively brighter or darker yield the same values and so on. However it works alright for its intended purpose as the lights are pretty consistently dark at night. You can also check your current light level in the console with Player.GetLightLevel.


Strictly required:

  • FISS 1.21 + (For saving and loading settings, highly recommended!)


Simply Balanced is compatible with basically every single mod there is.

Installation & Uninstallation

For installation I recommend ModOrganizer which is just a great tool. However you should have no trouble installing with NMM or manually if desired.

You should be able to safely remove Simply Balanced at any time, even mid playthrough and while active. For obvious reasons I advise against it though. If you really want to uninstall this mod, the safest approach would be to first disable all options, then remove it. If you are using FISS you can simply load the default settings on the Save and Load page to disable all options quickly.