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This mod change the Skyrim Game over system, making it happen only when the player and all followers are defeated. Giving more fun and less frustration when you play using hardcore mods like Wildcat Combat or deadly combat on higher difficult.

Permissions and credits
DVS - Player Essential, Wounds and Team Death

 English is not my first language and its the first time i write something in English. because of this description will be full of error.

 The objective of this mod is to make the Skyrim death system less annoying, more immersive, less centered in the death of the player and more directed to the defeat of all your team of warriors. After we install mods that add multiple follower the game battles start to be very fun but at same time makes the player be the primary reason to the game over, a follower can fall multiple times (this mod change this) but if the player fall its the end. Sometimes we lose a battle that the Team will sure win, because of a arrow hit in our character. another problem is if you have mods that increase the difficulty, if every hit is a kill its almost impossible to increase the armor and block skills without lowering the difficulty.


Version  2.0:
Completely Redone the mod core system, working far better with more performance and less bugs.

 Requires the uninstall of the previous versions and a clean save.

Player Essential  
 Every midnight you will receive a random number of chances  to rise in the day (not cumulative between 4 and 8). if you fall more than this number during the day its game over.
You can choose if you lose a chance to rise every time you fall in combat or only when battle that you have fall as ended. (toggled in configuration menu)

Player On Ground 
Every time you fall in combat you need to wait  ( + or - ) 10 seconds to rise, while this  the camera will be switched to a random follower.

You can choose if you will receive a wound every time you fall or in the end of combat. In this moment you will have random level of wound and pain, you will need to use potions to cure this wounds, this potions can be bought in the alchemist and misc stores, or can be created in a cooking pot.  
Special Wounds
Now every time you fall as a random chance to happen a special wound, this wound will incapacitate or damage the player in real time. the effect can be removed with a potion created in cooking pot.  The wound can be:

 Blind:  Your optic nerve is damaged. the screen will become black for 2 minutes. can be instant cured with potion 

Cannot Walk: Your Spinal nerve is damaged, you will try to rise but will fail for 2 minutes.

Magic: Your Magic Control Nerve is damaged. you will receive damage from your magic for 5 minutes.

  go to image section to have a better information.

Team Death
This mod tracks the followers that are with you in combat. if all of your follower fall with you its game over, even if you have chances to fall and rise during this day. (toggled in configuration menu)

Follower On Ground
Your follower after knocked out will stay on ground for a very long time, you can recover him using a healing spell, but it only work after some time. After the battle ends the follower will recover.

Vampire System
As a vampire you cannot fall during the day time, even if in the interiors. if you fall its game over, but will not receive wounds. (toggled in configuration menu)

Instantaneous Death
Activate this to have a little chance to be killed when you fall in combat, to always have the felling that you can die at any moment.

Configuration Spell
   When you start the mod will be added to your power inventory the spell:   DVS - Player Essential Config Menu  activating this spell you can configure the mod the way you like.
    If you start this mod in a new game with another mods that add spells, as a little chance for this spell not be added to your inventory. if this happen wait until the midnight and the spell will be added to your inventory .
   if you cannot call the menu via the spell use the console command          set TD_MENU to 1          wait 30 seconds in real life and the menu will show up. the wait is needed to make the script  not affect the performance of the game    Thanks to user     balck3821     that found the bad configuration i have made in the lesser power that prevented  the menu to show up in the screen for some users, so its a high chance that the configuration power will work  to everyone ( its hard for me to test because the power always worked fine on my pc  )


  Completely Redone the mod core system

  fixed the camera system not switching to followers
  Now the player death system work as needed
  Better performance
  Theoretical support to 100 followers (can't be tested due my laptop limitation ), played with 5 and everything is good.

Fixed the bug that that prevented  the menu to show up when activating the config spell
   Thanks to the user     balck3821     that found the bad configuration i have made in the lesser power that prevented  the menu to show up in the screen ( the crazy thing its the lesser power worked fine in my pc with that wrong configuration )

   Added a console command to call the configuration menu    
   open the console and type:      set TD_MENU to 1    
   and wait 30 seconds in real life
  (  the wait its to make the menu performance safe  )

   Fixed some system bugs
   Added a check if the player received the spell of config, if not will be added the spell in the midnight

    Added the special wounds
   Now is activated by default the player lose a chance to rise every time he fall.
   Added a option in the config menu to select how lose a chance to rise.
   Fixed some little bugs

   Fixed the bug that when player fall in combat all the spells and shouts are unequipped

    Initial release

 Installation V 2.00:

 Uninstall previous Versions and make a clean save

 If possible clean your save with script cleaner.

 Unpack the files of the mod, and copy the interior of Data Directory to:

 (Skyrim Installation Directory) \ data \


copy the files from:

 DVS Player Essential V2.00  \   Data   \


 Or install with mod manager
 Start The Game, Wait for 30 Seconds, in the top left corner will show a message telling the mod is activated.

 Config Spell

 you will receive a spell called  "DVS - Player Essential Config Menu"  in your power inventory, with this you can configure the mod.

Activate the lesser power you have received in the installation called

 DVS - Player Essential Config Menu

or open the console command  and type:

 set TD_MENU to 1

wait the menu appear and choose the option:

Uninstall Mod

A  message will appear int top left corner of your screen telling the mod is uninstall. After this:
Save your game (not a quicksave)
       Quit to desktop,
       Deactivate the: DVS - Player Essential And Team Death .esp.
Load the Save You have Made ( Will appear a message telling you about missing content )
Wait in the game for 48 hours ( in game time )
Save your game Again (not a quicksave)

 or open the console and insert the command

 set TD_Uninstall_Mod to 1



 The follower mod i use is Amazing Follower Twaeks So i give support for compatibility only to this follower mod. But i think it will work with any other follower mod.

 This mod don't change any record, script, global or anything in vanilla skyrim and don't use assets of any other mod. Is compatible with almost any mod that you have. only have some little incompatibility's with camera mods.

 This mod is incompatible with mods that change the player Death system,  like

Death Alternative -
Sm Player Essential -

 if you have the mod Enhanced Camera go to

 (Skyrim Install Directory) \Data\SKSE\Plugins\ and edit the file SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini

and change this line:
Use ctrl + F to find it faster.


Change to this:


 If you don't change this line the camera switch to follower in combat will not work.  

 Know Bugs and fixes:

  After the camera switch to the player, he fall:   
  Its necessaries because a bug in  skyrim  physical engine,  not beautiful, but work as needed.  

  Follower stuck on walls or doing crazy things and not fighting:  
  Skyrim base ai, nothing i can do.

  Follower invisible: 
  If the camera gets too close of a follower he get invisible, this is a skyrim default camera behavior.

Player stuck after he rise:
  open the console and insert the command:    bat FF


Mods i use:

Amazing Follower Teaks -
  Increase the number of follower you can have with lot of options
Deadly Combat -

 Makes the combat more aggressive and fast, favoring the sword and shield

Combat Evolved -

 Makes the combat mods Extremely hard

Deadly dragons -

  Makes the Dragons Extremely hard

Attack Commitment No turning during attacks -
You can dodge attacks without mods, simple moving away from the front of your enemy

Genesis - Dynamically Increased Enemy Spawns -

      Increase the Enemy's Spaws in the interiors

Archery Gameplay Overhaul -

 Makes the Archery combat Fun and Hard

NPC Knockout Overhaul -
   The essential npcs will stay on floor

High Level Enemy's  -

  Adds enemies with level scaling

Skyrim Immersive Creatures -

 Adds more challenging creatures to the skyrim world

Warzones -

Adds  big factions battles in the world, if you have a good pc and want to see hundred of soldiers fighting and trying to kill you, this is for you.