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Crystal Golems are large, faceless, vaguely humanoid masses of crystal, animated by unknown means, that can be found patrolling Blackreach. Though Azura's Moonshadow and Meridia's Colored Rooms are nearly inaccessible to mortals, it is certain that some roam these realms, as they are often summoned to Nirn by the worshipers of both Princes.

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"Crystal Golems are large, faceless, vaguely humanoid masses of crystal, animated by unknown means, that in Skyrim can be found patrolling the mysterious Blackreach. Though Azura's Moonshadow and Meridia's Colored Rooms are nearly inaccessible to mortals, it is certain that some roam these realms, as they are often summoned to Nirn by the worshipers of these two Daedric Princesses. Scholars believe that the presence of such a large population in Blackreach occurs due to the high concentration of Aetherium, a type of rare crystal with powerful magical properties, believed to have its origins in Aetherius, the aedric plane of existence, which has deep magical connections to the realms of Oblivion of Azura and Meridia, from where most summoned Crystal Golems apparently come from. 

Aetherial Fragments such as the crystals of Aetherium are pieces of Aetherius which become dislodged and fall to Nirn from the heavens. These are commonly observed by the people of Tamriel as 'shooting stars'. These otherworldly materials are known for their magical power, and have often been utilized to great effect by those who manage to recover these fragments. Many of these shards also fall into the planes of Oblivion, especially the more magically inclined ones, where they usually don't suffer the same corruption that occurs with those dropped in realms of Oblivion more energetically opposed to their original planes from which they fell.

In fact, despite being generally accepted by scholars that Crystal Golems originate from Aetherial Fragments, and that they can appear in different colors according to the Aetherial Fragment that originated them, the origin of the most common bluish variant, usually associated with Aetherium, is disputed by some scholars who argue that they are actually formed by Varla Stone, another type of aetheric crystal.

An usually larger and stronger goldish variant that can be found sporadically in Blackreach as well, although far more rarely, is known as the Golden Crystal Golem. It is exclusively associated with Meridia and there is consensus that it is formed by Culanda Stone, also an aetheric crystal.

All Crystal Golems tend to exhibit robotic behavior, making in-depth contact impossible, so they are believed to have little sentience and will of their own. At the same time, they also do not seem to obey any specific function, nor is it known whether they were naturally magically animated on the contact of the aetheric material with Nirn, or artificially raised for direct specific functions by mages or nature spirits. Some even believe that they fell from the sky already on their golem forms. What is known is that they generally tend to ignore other life forms if they don't get too close to them, at which point they won't hesitate to crush them with their hard crystal fists.

When destroyed, they become fragmented piles of crystal, from which shards can be collected, which however seem to lose much of their magical properties, and therefore much of their original value."

by Beastmaster Mihail *
(*Who is Beastmaster Mihail? He is my avatar/persona within the universe composed of all my mods. He is the ingame author who writes the texts that are usually presented as descriptions for my mods. A former monster hunter, now a dedicated scholar, he is planned to be released as an NPC in late 2022/early 2023, doing the same job in-game as my descriptions do on Nexus.)

- 2 new creatures: Crystal Golem and Golden Crystal Golem;

- 2 new misc items: Crystal Golem Shards and Golden Crystal Golem Shards.

So far no incompatibilities have been found between this mod and other mods.
(OBS- If by chance when installing several of Mihail's mods at the same time you are asked about files overwriting those of other Mihail mods or other authors mods, don't worry because they are just the same files shared between mods. I recommend that on these occasions always give preference to the files contained in my mods, and among mine always give preference to the mod you are installing last.)

The Mihail Monsters and Animals series aims to create and make available to the community the most complete set of creatures for TES 5: Skyrim, implemented in an immersive and unique way, with respect to the pillars of lore. Instead of pathetically just throwing models and textures in the game reusing 100% vanilla mechanics, the creatures made by Mihail have uniqueness and extreme zeal in their idealization and implementation, which will provide you with an experience that you have never had before in this area.

- The last Skyrim Update
- DLC Dragonborn
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Hearthfire


Mihail- model, part of the textures, re-texture of the other part, animations, loot, sounds, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong to:

CD PROJEKT RED - i started the crystal golem model using as base a vanilla rock
golem model from it, in order to maintain lore consistency with my rock golems mod;
FlickE- I used some of his soulgem re-textures as the basis for part of the model textures
(but modified by me to match the golem's concept), and as inspiration for the other half;
Calamin- HD cubemap