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Crossbows will now spawn with NPC's across Skyrim, Iron crossbow for Bandits, Imperial & Steel crossbows for the warring Factions.

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  • Italian
This mod adds Crossbows to Bandits, Stormcloaks & The Legion, they now have a 50/50 chance of spawning with either a Crossbow or a normal Bow
The player can now build or buy Crossbows & Bolts without having to starting the Dawnguard DLC, this includes Elemental Bolts

  • Imperial Crossbow for the Legion (Steel Stats)
  • Normal Steel Crossbow for Stormcloaks
  • Iron Crossbow & Bolts for bandits.
  • Enhanced versions of all crossbows available 
  • Fire, Ice & Shock Ammo can be either built or bought

New Bolts use original meshes with texture sets applied, so should be compatible with mods that change ammo holster locations
Edits made to Faction & Vendor level lists so weapons & ammo not only spawn in the world, but also available to buy from Shops & Blacksmiths

A patch might be needed if you have mods that already change Bandit, Imperial, Stormcloak & Vendor level lists

Update V1.6: Orcish Crossbow & Orcish Bolts Added (Normal & Elemental)

Nock to Tip patch requires the main file & the update:
Edited weapons & ammo recipes from CoS to follow suit, HT Iron Crossbow unlocks at Archery 20, the Enhanced version at Archery 30, damage of the fast version would've been to low, so left those out

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Level List Edited/Added:

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