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This patch fixes a longstanding compatibility issue between Andromeda and Simply Knock.

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The compatibility issue in question arises when you have the 'The Tower' Standing Stone active and you attempt to interact with a locked door whilst sneaking. You'll find that you're forced to use the 'Tower Key' ability. This patch allows you to activate either the Standing Stone ability or the lockpicking UI. The patch does this by adding a condition to the perk that Simply Knock uses which allows you to knock on doors. The added condition makes the perk take into account whether or not the player has 'The Tower' Standing Stone active, and adds the extra activation option accordingly.



- Manual installation is not supported
- If installing through either Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex, ensure that this patch's ESP comes after Simply Knock and Andromeda in the load order
- If you're nearing the ESP limit, this patch should be good to merge with other patches, as it only contains a single record