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With this Mod you can now have a personal diary inside the Game just for you. You can add Text with selectable fonts, colors, style and add Images to your Notebook on up to 100 Pages. Just begin to write your own story, using the included editor tool and view it inside the game.

Permissions and credits
Personal Notebook Mod for Skyrim 2.5 - PNFS - Journal Mod

Short Info:

With this Mod you can now have a personal diary inside the Game just for you.
You can add text with selectable fonts, colors, style and add Images to your Notebook
on up to 100 Pages. Just begin to write your own story, using the included editor tool
outside of the game and view the book inside the game.

>>If you update make sure to backup your personal notebook files !
If you run into problems use the old version from the subfolder (or
the old plugin version from the old files).

This adds a personal notebook to the Game with your text and images,
the Book is always changeable. Use the included Editor Tool to change the Pages.
You can write what you want or insert Images from the clipboard (using CTRL + V).

Every time you start the tool the old entrys will be loaded into the editor tool.
This way you can change the contents of the book very quickly without knowledge
of plugin development.

But remember it is YOUR personal notebook, you can not use it to create complete
new books to upload as a new plugin, only the pages of your personal notebook will be
replaced or changed.

The Personal Notebook will automaticly be added now to your inventory if you start the


Installation / Usage / Starting

- Make sure to backup your existing "Personal Notebook" documents before Update (!)

- Extract to archive content of the mod to your Data folder or use NMM

- Get the Editor Tool "Personal Notebook Mod for Skyrim" from Nexus Page and put it
into your skyrim game folder (where the tesv.exe also is) and start it.

- Put into the pages whatever you want, and click "save entry" on every changed page.
Note: You can also change the content while the game is running (use ALT + TAB to
swap task to the tool).

- Start the Gamelauncher and go to Datafiles, here check "SkyNotebook.esp".

- Now start the Game, the personal notebook will be added automaticly to your inventory.

- Open the Personal Notebook to see your personal journal. :)

New additional extension Tool to display the real time (not game time) on Page 1 can
be found here


Q: It dont works, the tool is crashing, what can i do ?
A: Make sure to extract the Tool directly into the Game Folder where the "tesv.exe" also is.
Install latest .Net Framework from Windows Updates (Optional Updates).
Try running it as admin (right click on it "start as administrator". Also you can try to run
the old Version (1.0), in some cases this works better for you.

Q: Can i use Elder Scrolls Fonts ?
A: Yes and No. If you find a Elder Scrolls font working under Windows you can use it.
Try to get a font package like

Q: How can i make the Background transparent ?
A: The Background Color "white" (FFFFFF) if for the alpha channel to make the background

Q: How many Pages can i use ?
A: You have a maximum of 100 Pages in the Book to edit and / or you can insert graphics on every page.

Q: What is the regular resolution for fullsize images ?
A: Regular Imagesize (for a graphic on a page) is 400x300px (but bigger images can be scaled).

Q: Can i write text inside the Game ?
A: No, this not possible with this mod, because the pages are stored as transparent graphics
and not as a text. This is the reason for it. (But you can use a dirty Taskswitch ALT+TAB to
switch to the tool).

Q: How can i insert graphics ?
A: You can copy and paste from the clipboard, i suggest a tool like "Snipping Tool" to choose
your image, click on copy at the top menu, go to the tool, select the page and press STRG+V,
additional to that way there is a "Insert Picture" Button, which is inserting a image by file.

Q: Can i change fonts and color of the text ?
A: Yes, ofcause you can select the text you want, click on "font" and/or "color" and use it on
each page.

Q: What is required to make the Tool run ?
A: Installed Data Files (installed manually or using NMM), .Net Framework 3.5, Vista Users may
need admin rights (right click on it, "Start as administrator").

Q: Where is the Data for it stored, and how does it work ?
A: The tool saves the content as a richtext with embedded graphics in
"../data/textures/extraimages2/changeable/", here is also the source for the tool to reload
the content. Always if you make changes to a page, it will be saved there, but the richtext
field is also rendered as a PNG Image with a transparent alpha channel to
"../data/textures/extraimages2/". This is the path where the SkyNotebook.esp is looking
for the page Images, because TESV can handle external Images but not external richtextfiles.

Q: Can i create new mods with this ?
A: Not directly.. you can us a similar tool by me (Book Creator for Skyrim - BCFS) if you like
you can find it at

Thanks to the following..

JustinOther - to fix the fileheader and for the help with the quest.
Bethesda - for the very cool and modfriendly game :)
Nexus Team - very nice Page, thanks alot.

have fun, triplex2011

Version History

- Some code fixes
- SkyNotebook.esp fixed to work with RealTime for PNFS
- Icon changed
- Botton added to start RealTime for PNFS

- Bug fixes
- Most of the code rewritten
- The Editor Tool now supports 100 pages.
- Quicklinks added in the Editor
- Page Preview added to the Editor


- Some Bugs fixed.
- Plugin extended to support 100 pages.
- Old Version 1.0 added in a subfolder to support users with startproblems of current the tool
- Optional headlogos for categorys added


- Bug Fixes (for the Editor Tool)
- Debug Edition (Tool) added (optional) with all XML Calls removed and .Net Framework 2.0
as Target (it seams some people have problems running the current main version, so try
this version)


- Now in two seperate files, the first you can install using NMM (make sure to backup your
personal Book content from earlier version), the other one to manuell install into your
skyrim folder (where the tesv.exe also is).
- Removed unused XML and Database Calls
- Fixed Fileheader
- Many bugs fixed (might also fix the starting bug like some people told from).
- Zoom added to view in orig. Size (to pervent from the "scaling blur" on the pages) and a
scaled view to get more content on a page.
- Button on Page 20 added to start the additional RSS InGame Reader.
- Quest added to automaticly add the personal Notebook to your inventory (console no
more required).


- Minor Bugfixes
- Picturefile Insert added

2.0 Beta

- Color usage enabled
- Font selection enabled
- New system to make a better resolution (circular scaledown)
- Entirly reworked code
- Background Art

- Mod / Tool Inital Release (Easy Editing of your own Questlog with Graphics)
- Template for categorys added