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This Tool is showing the current real time on Page 1 of your Personal Notebook (Dairy / Journal Mod). (Updates automaticly in the background while you play).

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This is a little Addon Mod for
the "Personal Notebook for Skyrim" (PNFS) MOD

This Tool is showing the current real time on Page 1 of your Personal Notebook.
(Updates automaticly in the background while you play every second).

Always if you open your Personal Notebook you will see the current real time
and date (not the gametime).

If you install it, it will replace your existing SkyNotebook.esp but thats not
a problem, no pages will be replaced. The new SkyNotebook.esp is just the same
expect that there is a modification to page 1 to display the time / date.

Personal Notebook for Skyrim

Not required (but nice):
Elder Scrolls Fonts
The tool uses a font from it, if you use it (if not you might see the system default font).

Install manualy or use NMM ! But if you use NMM go to your game directory after
installation and move the NoteTime.exe from Skyrim/Data directly to your Skyrim

Start the tool, minimize it (if you like), Start the game and play, now you can
see the time and date from the Realm of Reallife :)

If you have problems running the tool, it could be that is because it is compiled under
x64 architecture,.. how ever, in this case you can try to use the x86 version from the
optional files. By the way, if you use Windows Vista it could be that it will not run at all
(this might be because you have installed skyrim under programs and there is a problem
with the UAC (i have no solution so far for it expect to install WinXP, Win7, Win8 or Win8.1).

have fun, triplex2011