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This is the ultimate summer overhaul for Skyrim. New textures, grasses and landscape edits. This mod will turn the wintery Skyrim into a lush and beautiful summer paradise. No more snow, no more cold, enjoy the summer in Skyrim. Not intended to be immersive or realistic.

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DynDOLOD // Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.5b

Get your hot pants out! Summer has arrived to Skyrim.
This mod will change all of Skyrim into a beautiful summer landscape. Yeah all of it. No more snow. This means also that some places where snow is part of immersion, will look a bit strange or out of place. This is unfortunate and it is a pita to add snow and working LODs for it, so I'll leave it this way.

Some parts of the landscape had to be improved and fixed (especially in the snowy areas), so you may encounter some incompatibilities with mods that alter terrain or add objects. Make sure to load these mods after summer_overhaul.esp!

I tested the game for a few hours, playing with this mod and a few others and it's working stable so far. Make sure to not use any mods that have someting to do with snow - they won't have any effect. I also recommend to start a new game with this mod on. It can be installed mid-game, but safe is safe.

Icebergs and other ice objects weren't retextured. I feel like they still look good even with green textures and grass around them.

The release version of the mod is only compatible with Skyrim Flora Overhail 2.5b - I'll probably add compatiblity for Enhanced Vanilla Trees later on. Weather mods I've currently patched are: Vivid Weathers (download the path under optional files). I'll probably also make a patch for Climates of Tamriel and take a look at other mods and their compatibility.

This mod includes its own .ini file and will force the required grass ini settings. If you still want to change the density of the grasses, just open the summer_overhaul.ini file and change the iMinGrassSize to a higher number for less grass density (better performance).

Make sure to not use any grass or flora mods, except Flora Overhaul. Also make sure to load Summer Overhaul after Flora Overhaul and let it overwrite all files. Landscape textures may be used as long as you load them before Summer Overhaul.

If you use NLA with ENB, make sure to load the .esp file from NLA before summer_overhaul.esp - this may also apply to similiar mods.

DLC compatibility will follow later. Already working on Dawnguard and will add support for Solstheim later.
Currently there already terrain textures for Dawnguard DLC included so you may generate LODs for the Forgotten Vale. To keep compatibility as high as possible I didn't remove any of the ice objects in that area. May look a bit strange or out of place, but it's inevitable.

Simply install the mod with your favorite mod manager. Mod Organizer is highly recommended. 
This mod requires DynDOLOD, because you'll need to generate your own LOD files for trees and objects. I'll probably upload pre-generated LOD for all the lazy azzes out there, but for the moment DynDOLOD is mandatory.
Would highly recommend to start a new game with this mod enabled. Will probably work  when installed mid-game, but may cause issues.
After installing the mod you must run DynDLOD to generate LOD (Level of Detail) for trees and objects. Distant terrain textures are already included.