Hoddminir Water plants by Elinen and Ztree
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Last updated at 15:39, 6 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 20:46, 5 Jan 2013

These plants are part of a collaborative effort beween me (Elinen) and Ztree to make more water plants for the Hoddminir mod. They have been very useful for us, and hopefully they can now bring a more varied plant life to your mod too.
This is a modders resource that contains 23 different water plants (as grass) and several Water lilies to add to your own mod (see below on how to do this). The water lilies are new static models made by Ztree, and the other water plants are re-textured grass models.
The water plants are divided in to three categories, Lake (4), Shore (10) and Sea (9) plants, depending on where the species normal grow. I have for most of the plants used two or more models for the same plant to get more variation. Some of these are from the Lush Grass mod (
I would like to thank SparrowPrince for giving me permission to use them.
The water lily come as five different models, two with only leaves, and three with leaves and flowers. There are several color variants for the flowers, white, yellow, blue, purple, pink and red. All in all there are 26 different models for the water lilies to choose from.

I have uploaded three different resolutions of this resource, 512, 1024 and 2048.

As an optional file I have added a Image Library of in game screen shots of each water plant (no for the water lilies yet). This is just to help you to see them in action when you are modding, it has been helpful for me to choose the right plants for the right place.

If you want more flora resources I have also released a package of Spring flowers and grasses: Springflowers Pack 1
Springflowers Pack 2

As always, if you make something with these plants that you think looks really nice, please upload a picture, I love to see it :)
And don't forget to endorse if you like this resource.

Un-zip files
Copy textures dds files to the Skyrim/Data/Texture/landscape/grass and Skyrim/Data/Texture/plants/groundplants1 folders
Copy nif files to the Skyrim/Data/Meshes/landscape/grass and Skyrim/Data/Meshes/ztree's/plants folders

How to use this resource
The resource is as nif and texture files, you will have to add them to your mod manually.

With the Creation kit - How to add grass nifs manually
1. Open the CK, load your mod as active and Skyrim.esm. Grasses are found in the Object window under WorldObjects/Grass/Landscape/Grass.
2. Double click on the original grass, this will open the grass window.
3. In ID write a new unique name
4. click the Art file Edit, choose the grass nif file. Click OK.
5. Now the CK will ask you if you want to create a new object, press Yes.
6. Associate the flower to a land texture and use as any other grass.

With the Creation kit - How to add static objects (the water lilies)
1. Open the CK, load your mod as active and Skyrim.esm. static objects are found in the Object window under WorldObjects/Static.
2. Double click on any original object, this will open the edit window.
3. In ID write a new unique name
4. click the Art file Edit, choose the new water lily nif file, found in the Skyrim/Data/Meshes/ztree's/plants folder. Click OK.
5. Now the CK will ask you if you want to create a new object, press Yes.
6. When you reload the Object window it will have created a new folder "ztree's" and "plants" where the lilies are located.
DonĀ“t forgett to save.

If you have trouble to add or make the grass to show, make sure you have these entries in your Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini files under [GRASS]:

If you are experiencing FPS loss due to lots of grass turning of the shadow on grass can help.
bShadowsOnGrass=0 in Skyrimprefs.ini under [GRASS]

Delete files


v1.0, 05/01/2013 - Initial release
08/01/2013 - Added an optional esp file where all the plants are added

If something is not working, please contact me.
You can find me on TESNexus and the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Elinen'

Ztree for the Water lily models.
SparrowPrince for permission to use the Lush Grass models.
SkitKnapp for help with cleaning up some of my photos for the textures.
Thanks to Dark Creations for hosting the Hoddminir project.
Geggakloss helped taking some of the photos used
Bethesda for an excellent game, and the original grass models.

You can do whatever you want with this resource but all I ask in return is that
you give me and Ztree credit if you distribute any part of this mod as part of your own work.
If you want to use the textures for something else or change them that is OK.