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A roman themed temple for the goddess Dibella

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I always felt that the worship of the old gods of Skyrim came a little bit short or was a little bit dull. So therefore I've built a roman inspired temple for the goddess Dibella between Whiterun and Riverwood. The Temple is located on the opposite side of the river and can be reached by a small stone bridge. Inside of the temple you will find many different people from all over Skyrim, honoring the ancient goddess of love, beauty and affection. The temple in its current state is just there to be explored and enjoyed by the outstressed dragonborn. Here our hero can refill his batteries by praying to the blessed lady, lay back and enjoy the atmoshpere. The NPC's will sandbox around, pray towards the statues and images of Dibella, eat,drink and also sleep in the backpart of the temple.

Unfortunately after I'm a complete failure when it comes to scripting nothing much else is going to happen.So far its just a temple simulation without any much interaction. Maybe if someone has a nice idea on how to improve it, he is welcome to do it.  In my regards Im planning to add a merchant that sells offerings to the goddess and  also some dialogue lines to the priestesses which would describe the goddess and her blessings to the player.