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This is a replacer .ESP for Skyrim Sewers v4, which makes it compatible with Belmont Boy's Ultimate Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
This is a simple replacer .ESP which makes Skyrim Sewers v4.12 (also known as the single best dungeon mod ever made) compatible with Belmont Boy's Ultimate Skyrim (And, incidentally, Windhelm Exterior Altered).

Actual Changes: 
 - Includes Skyrim Sewers Undeath Patch's changes built-in
 - Removes exterior entrance to Windhelm Marketplace Sewers located in WindhelmExterior02 (disables all objects, moves them far below landscape)
 - Disables weather and lighting objects for the exit in Windhelm Marketplace Sewers, moves all reference and markers far below the floor in the cell. If something goes awry, you shouldn't touch them anyway.
 - Blocks off the exit with piles of rubble, for your immersion purposes

Please note, the file itself does not need anything other than Skyrim.esm as a master.
The 'Requirements' listed are meant to show you which mods this patch was explicitly made for.

Installation Instructions:

 - Install Ultimate Skyrim
 - A week later, when that's done, install Skyrim Sewers v4.12
 - Install this mod, keeping it lower than Skyrim Sewers
 - Re-run the Reqtificator
 - Enjoying the heart-destroying terror of exploring the Windhelm sewers in a Requiem playthrough
 - Success!

Further Notes:
I did not, and do not currently plan to, make any edits to Skyrim Sewers other than what has been listed. The main mod is near-flawless, but of course, like any mod balanced for vanilla, has some things regarding enemy placement, item availability, and some small consistency issues. If anyone who uses this would like me to attempt to correct these, I may, provided that the suggested edits are meant to serve the overall goal of Requiem, and by extension, Ultimate Skyrim.