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Ultimate Skyrim is a modpack with 300+ mods, all built around the Requiem Roleplaying Overhaul. These mods work with proprietary changes to transform Skyrim into an entirely new game.

Permissions and credits
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The Ultimate Skyrim Experience
Ultimate Skyrim is a modpack with 300+ mods, all built around the Requiem Roleplaying Overhaul.
These mods work with my proprietary changes to transform Skyrim into an entirely new game.
Stability & Performance
Heavy modlists usually suffer from crashes, mod conflicts, game-breaking bugs, and poor framerates.
Ultimate Skyrim solves these problems for an unbeatably smooth gameplay experience.
Meaningful Challenge
In Ultimate Skyrim, the world no longer revolves around the player. Combat is more dangerous,
every resource is precious, and you must carefully consider every action — or pay the price.
Venture outside the city walls at your own peril, and prepare well if you hope to survive.
Build Diversity
Overhauled skill trees, perks, races, and birthsigns provide diverse new options for character building.
Specialized abilities make every character unique, and new mechanics allow for powerful hybrid builds.
Characters can no longer master every skill, so think critically about your build, equipment, and tactics.
Know your weaknesses and play to your strengths to stay alive!

Be whoever you want to be, and experience the unique pros and cons of your choices.
Your favorite roleplaying activities will actually affect your character's abilities and progression.

Eat, sleep, and drink to keep your character at peak performance. Stay clean for useful bonuses.
Study and meditate to acquire new skills. Research the arcane to unlock the secrets of magic.
Devote yourself to the gods and wield divine power. Embrace the wild & become one with nature.
Prowl the sewers as a street-wise thief, or live there as a bloodthirsty vampire who feeds by night.
Worldbuilding & Detail
The world of Ultimate Skyrim is a living, breathing place. People react to events around them
and keep their own schedules. Various factions move about the world with their own agendas.
Guards carry the markers of their holds, and patrol their borders in search of poachers.
Hand-placed items tell secret stories. Animals hunt, sleep, and tend to their young.
Life goes on, whether or not you are there to see it.
Rewarding Exploration
There are tons of new and interesting items to find, and most every item has multiple uses.
Loot can be sold, broken down, used in recipes, or harnessed for character advancement.
Familiar locations hold new secrets and spoils. Ancient mysteries hide in Skyrim's depths,
promising great power to those who can brave the dark (and what waits within).
Ultimate Skyrim's visuals resemble a modern game, thanks to the talent of the modding community.
Experience improved textures, models, lighting, weathers, characters, environments, and animations,
all hand-selected for visual consistency, performance, and to preserve the vanilla feel.
Most visual mods are optional to accommodate users with less powerful hardware.
"This project is simply amazing. In all the time I've played Skyrim, I haven't had this kind of fun."
- kur0_kam1

"I've spent more time on US than I've spent on any other game for the last 7 years.
This is a massive, hardcore survival experience you won't find in any other game.
I'm amazed at how intricate and complex the game is now, and challenging!"

- Heladan
"I am VERY impressed with the performance and stability... 
the entire time it ran smooth, no glitching or hitches."
"Ultimate Skyrim forces you to take Skyrim not as a theme-park built to accommodate you,
but as a world that will murder you if you do not take it seriously. It really forces you to
inhabit Bethesda's creation, and lets Bethesda's work shine more than their own version."

"My Skyrim experience has never looked so good, been so fun, and ran so stably." 
- BarbecueHernandez

"Totally changed my experience with Skyrim... I can't see myself going back
from the challenge and beauty this overhaul gives me."

Video Introduction
This video is significantly outdated, but offers a decent glimpse at Ultimate Skyrim in action:

For detailed installation instructions, please visit the Ultimate Skyrim Website.
Ultimate Skyrim requires Skyrim Classic Legendary Edition. Special Edition is not currently supported.
The Ultimate Skyrim installation can be customized to fit your needs and hardware.

Recommended Specs for a Core Ultimate Skyrim Installation (No Optionals):

Windows 10 64-bit
Intel i5-3330S
GeForce 560 GTX
4GB DDR3-1333 RAM

Recommended Specs for a Complete Ultimate Skyrim Installation (All Optionals):

Windows 10 64-bit
Intel i7-3770
GeForce 960 GTX
8GB DDR3-1600 RAM

Credits/Special Thanks
For a full list of Ultimate Skyrim's mods and mod authors, please visit the Ultimate Skyrim Modlist.

Sincerest thanks to all the mod authors whose works are featured in this project.
Their contributions and sacrifices allow us to remake our favorite games as we see fit,
express our individual creativity, share our passions, and build something together.

We owe them a tremendous debt.

Special thanks to the mod authors who allowed me to directly integrate their work:

FOMOD installer & bugfixes - elgatoenlaluna
Requiem Patches - TheTrader
Skyrim Unbound - chinagreenelvis
ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer - kapaer
Dragon Resistance and Mix Armor Tweaks - Noxcrab
Requiem: Minor Arcana - Axonis
Requiem Telescope Patch - Inari Whitebear (pinkishu)
Requiem: Behind the Curtain - Zer0Morph
Real Shelter Dawn of Skyrim & ETaC Patches - kojak747
Tent Textures - Langley
Ruin Puzzle Textures - raiserfx
Simple Follower Mount - Disi30
SkyTEST .esm Plugin - etayorius
Improved Fish USLEEP - Blitz54
Silver-Blood Inn Lighting Fix for RRR/ELFX - GalenZ
Brigandage Requiem Patch - aNoobinDisguise