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This is a Racemenu Preset for a Female Nord named Alexae to install just go to your game folder and place the file in



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Alexae RaceMenu Preset

Alexae, a beauty, fair skinned and fair haired, her eyes like two glowing balls of atherium, bright blue. She is Righteous of heart a good friend to Eric the slayer of rorikstead. growing up by his side they had many adventures weather it had been just around the village or later in live delving into ruins looking for gold. a few years after her 18th birthday however she left rorikstead and her companion behind to join the guard in solitude serving loyally for 2 years before becoming a member of the Imperial Legion, she rose through their ranks and became a General in their forces though soon after retiring to become the royal servant to Elisif the fair, her body guard, companion, and loyal servant swearing fealty to forever stay by her side and use her life to ensure the utmost comfort of her Jarl.

So this is my 3rd upload and eventually ill stop numbering these but i'm having fun with it for now =3, please enjoy and as always leave me a comment if you like it :D <3

Required Mods --
The Eyes of Beauty:
KS Hairdos: and

Recommended mods for the same look --
CBBE: (may or may not be optional, try either way)
Fair Skin Texture CBBE version:

So I've decided to get ck and attempt at making followers of the racemenu presets I post, and id like them to be marriageable as well, anyway enjoy!!