About this mod

Huge land Mod Landscape only (WIP version) this files Should Required Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC

Permissions and credits
This is my Newest files with most deleted reference (WIP version)

In this Mod contains Huge worldspace of....
New Lands, trees, Architectures, clutter, textures, some meshes & textures  assets from previous games.
No Creature or New Npc's

the ambient Music is separated from main files, I left those when compressing all files.

The lore was completely fictional from original canon.
The location was set at northern of Akavir, close to atmora, which added to the lore maps of Nirn.

Known Bug:
The Skyrim random encounter work in this New lands, without Navmesh some Npc Quests may be stuck in this place forever.

the full version is in consideration

How to Install
Copy all four Norseland rar files to "skyrim\Data" folder then Extract here.
Activate Norseland.esp from skyrim launcher, play. Enjoy

Because I forget to attach Lod files to bsa, so manually put LodSettings.rar to your skyrim/Data folder then extract here.

Copy Music Files to "skyrim\Data" folder then Extract here.

How to Uninstall
Delete Norseland.esp and Norseland.bsa and LodSettings/Norseland.lod in "skyrim\data" folder
and all four norseland rar files and delete music\norseland folder

To be honest, after watching E3 this year (2018) I was totaly shocked that BGS will create the next series of The Elderscrolls might be set in Hammerfell.
I was not surprise with the Location anyway, but I'm not sure hammerfell will be the best next elderscrolls games to play with by all fans.

For my perspective Akavir is the best choice, the mysterious land is great concept like alien world of Morrowind, and the story plot of re-conquer akavir by Imperial will be great as Oblivion fans which is desperately re-existed as european medieval civilization atmospheric were rebuild, then the last is skyrim gameplay mechanic and dragons is so epic, for me the mixing between those three title will be the best Elder Scrolls game ever made.
And the best Location which perfectly match to those concept is Akavir.


Gameplay v.2.0


Norseland v.1.0