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Stuffed Animals Accessory

Permissions and credits

I converted some toy animals resources found on tesalliance and turn them into backpacks, 4 of them in total and a kanra as a hat.

Backpack add 45 carry weight and kanra 

You can use them as house decoration and if you do I recommended this mod Glow BeGone (no enchanted armor and wet body glow)

Ver.2.0 fixed glossy issue with small bunny and kanra

Thank to Chaos_Hellfire for pointing it out in his video, I haven't much time to play skyrim and test it out enough


You can craft them under hide armor section or use AdditemMenu mod. 

Permissions and Credit

All meshes and textures used in this mod are free assets.

FusaFusa Project - Fluffy Animals by Vicn 
Bunny Toys 1.0 by garnet18
Teddybears 1.1 by Tamira and Arion (Ariont50)
Abitor from for the original teddy bear model and textures 

*Note for advanced user: I included all the unused textures from Bunny Toy 1.0 and Teddybears 1.1, so you can swap the texture as you like. I also included pictures from the original resources page and readme in the file too.