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Forest and Flora Overhaul for the old mod Wyrmstooth. Compatible with versions 1.16 and 1.17. Updated 12/30 with better textures for the snowy dead pines

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Dark Forests of Skyrim - Wyrmstooth edition

by mobiusbelmont

texture update:  big thanks to Zhoulia for the amazing looking textures for the snowy dead pines.  Please says thank you and drop her an endorsement.

Wyrmstooth is still one of my all-time favorite new lands mods for Skyrim, and this is my landscape overhaul for the island.   It's more realistic that my other overhauls and will give the island a Nordic atmosphere (IMO anyway).  Dawnguard and Wyrmstooth version 1.16 are required.  This is my gift to the veteran modders in the community that still have the file. 

DESCRIPTION:  This is a standalone overhaul for only the island of Wyrmstooth.  This mod will not change any vanilla assets.  Patches are available for Skyrim Flora Overhaul (SFO), Dark Fantasy Overhaul (DFO), and BOTH DFO and SFO. 
Also available are the Core Files and Billboards (no tree LOD) for those that wish to generate their own tree LOD for the island (you'll have to do this if you are using overhauls other than SFO & DFO).

this mod will add new forested areas including

dead aspens, dead pines, and more flora added to the hot springs. 
a coastal redwood forest 
dozens of dead, petrified trees added to the marsh
living pines, both regular and snowy, added to the island
a Finnish aspen forest

COMPATIBILITY:  should be compatible with everything, including all mods for Wyrmstooth.  I'll make patches and updates for support of other Wrymstooth mods.   Version 1.17 of Wyrmstooth is the latest release and no longer hosted on the Nexus.  This mod has been tested with Wyrmstooth 1.17  is compatible .  The landscape changes for 1.17 do cause a few floating trees but I will fix those in the next update

INSTALLATION:  Mod Manager or Manual, run LOOT, Wrye Bash, yadda yadda yadda

- All users should install the MAIN file. 

-       Users of SFO or DFO (or both) should also install the proper patch in the OPTIONAL files section.  (Main file first, then overwrite with proper patch)

- Users of DYNDOLOD or TES5Edit only need the Core Files + Billboards in the MISCELLANEOUS section


v1.0 initial release

v 1.1: removed vanilla aspen trees from the mining settlement for increased compatibility 

v1.1 hotfix:  fixed meshes of dead trees in the marsh with bad collision bounds

texture update:  big thanks to Zhoulia for the amazing looking textures for the snowy dead pines.  Please says thank you and drop her an endorsement.

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jonx for creating the legendary Wyrmstooth mod
Tamu75 for the amazing Finnish aspens
GKB for the lovely green tree resource
Vurt for some dead models, a few textures
David for his amazing David's Trees
Elenin and Ztree for their outstanding tree resource
Zilav for the amazing billboard generator tool and TES5LODGen
Sheson for DynDOLOD