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Waterway locks were built by fishermen on White River between Riverwood and Lake Ilinalta in order to improve navigation with small boats. A canal was created below Fort Snowhawk. The people of The Rift replaced the stone bridges on Lake Honrich and Treva River with wooden drawbridges for navigation with big boats between Riften and Ivarstead.

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This mod is composed of three main features: waterway locks at the old Falkreath/Whiterun holds border, drawbridges in The Rift and a canal in Hjalmarch. Additionally, dock and boats were added in Dragonbridge, north of the arch of Solitude and near Kynesgrove.

Two weirs were placed on White River near Embershard Mine. A small pond is created behind the lower lock. Salmons are captive between locks, meaning easy fishing for the nearby Riverwood residents. There are two fishermen and a small boat on the shore of the pond. In theory,  the locks are handled by fishermen by using the wooden pillars nearby when they need to navigate or wish a new stock of salmons.
Due to the upstream locks, White River is now flowing less turbulent near Riverwood.
Locks were not built in other places because of the too high waterfalls and/or because of the lack of an important water route.

Three stone bridges were replaced with wooden drawbridges in order to allow the navigation with big boats between Lake Geir and Lake Honrich.
The replaced bridges are in the following areas: Heartwood Mill, Treva's Watch and south of Sarethi Farm.
In some places, Treva River was deepened and enlarged for the new boat traffic.
Three big boats are aded in The Rift: 1 near Heartwood bridge (and 1 small boat), 1 near Sarethi bridge and 1 at the newly added Ivarstead dock (all boats have fish and other cargo onboard). Few sailors and fishermen are placed on and near the new boats.
The new bridges are composed of wooden ramps and drawbridges. The drawbridges are static, with no levier for rising them. In theory, the drawbridge must be handled only be sailors when they need clear water path and by using the wooden pillars nearby.

The Imperials built a canal that separates Fort Snowhawk from the marsh. This is also the shortcut needed for linking Morthal and the sea by water. Docks and boats were added in the Waterfront district of Solitude area (Solitude Expansion mod - not needed) at the northern end of the waterway linking Solitude and Morthal. The southern end is inside Morthal (best played with ETAC mod, which adds a drawbridge in this city). The canals (natural and man-made) in the marsh that constitute the waterway were widened and deepened for larger boats.

Other docks and boats
Boats can now travel up to Dragonbridge (the waterway was enlarged and the obstacles were replaced). Stairways, a dock and boats were added here.
North of the Solitude arch, a military dock was added, where Katariah will be found later. Other boats and imperial soldiers were added. The area can be considered a part of Syerscote (if this mod is installed).
A dock and a boat were added below Kynesgrove (some Stormcloacks and a stable, too) in the area of the lumber mill added by the Cutting Room Floor mod.

Skyrim (or Skyrim SE), with or without addons/mods.


Compatible with mods like "Travel By Boat", "Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships - Overhauled" or "Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul".
Compatible with "Become Jarl of Ivarstead".
Compatible with "Solitude Expansion" and "Syerscote".
Compatible with "ETAC" and "Cutting Room Floor".

Copy the content of data folder within the archive into your data folder od use Mod Organized to install as usual.
Any load order is adequate. Can be merged safely. Does not contain scripts. Cleaned with TES5Edit.
Can be uninstalled at any time (the stone bridges and other elements are only placed below terrain when this mod is active).