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Additional effects for each of the three perks concerning Bound Weapons.

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Let's get right to it:

Mystic Binding

  • Adds Sun Damage against undead during the day, and Moonlight Damage against anyone during the night.
  • Sun/Moon damage values: Dagger: +6 | Sword: +8 | Bow: +10 | Battleaxe: +12 
  • Still increases base damage, to Dragonbone level.
  • Requires skill level 25.

Soul Stealer

  • Adds a small amount of Magicka absorption in addition to the Soul Trap.
  • Absorption values: Dagger: +3 | Sword: +4 | Bow: +5 | Battleaxe: +6 
  • You'll only see small chips of Magicka flying from the target to you, instead of a freaking laser beam.
  • Requires skill level 40.

Oblivion Binding

  • Adds elemental damage and banishes summoned creatures. Elemental damage is a combination of fire, frost, and shock.
  • Elemental damage values: Dagger: +15 | Sword: +20 | Bow: +25 | Battleaxe: +30 
  • The Turn Undead effect has been removed. I hate chasing down draugr and it was overpowered.
  • Requires skill level 60.


  • Bound Weapons have received lots of fixes and tweaks, you'll surely notice how great it feels to use them. See my notes about stats and stuff for more details.
  • All effects benefit from all elemental damage increasing perks, but improved/enchanted weapons will still be stronger.
  • Spell Tome: Bound Dagger can be found in all of Skyrim.
  • Includes my tweak for Silent Moons Enchant that makes Moonlight Damage do 25% of its damage to Magicka, synchronizes its afterburn with its visual effect, and removes the visual flash which doesn't work with other shaders.

Enhanced Bound Weapons is available for Skyrim Special Edition here.