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EasierRider and Ruhadre

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Collaboration effort of a great mod originally by EasierRider.

Permissions and credits
Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced and Ruhmastered v1.5 LE by EasierRider and Ruhadre


v1.4SSE - Initial Release by EasierRider on SSE after collaborating edits with me.

v1.5LE - This was originally the LE version the SSE version was ported from.  Except that I have included hidden custom rewards that only reveal themselves by interacting with the dungeon.  The boss fight at the end has also been made DRASTICALLY more difficult and unique.  Seriously, I went out of my way to challenge the player.  There are also unique traps placed, have fun  ;)

Author(s):  EasierRider and Ruhadre

Please endorse so others may find this mod.  Thank you, and please enjoy!

I'm making Skyrim mod at a time.

2 NEW Special Items to locate that will help with boss fight:



Collaboration effort of a great mod originally by EasierRider.
Please reference:  and


- Use NMM, and install main file.  Overwrite the esp from Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced if you have it already installed.


Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced by EasierRider
(NOT a requirement for this mod to work, but you do need to download his mod once in order to endorse it!)

Up-to-date Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn


Keeper Carcette Survives by Ruhadre  (Further helps decorate the exterior of the beacon.)

VIGILANT by Vicn  (You can finally find the basement trap door now!)

VIGILANT Voiced - English Addon by The Skyrim Voice Alliance  (English!)

Candle Glow by HHaley  (Light Ambiance!)

(I will further update this list as I test more mods)


Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced

Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced and Ruhmastered SSE


Bethesda Softworks for Creation Kit


Before you endorse this mod, I urge you to go and endorse Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced first if you already haven't.


This is just a modified esp.  EasierRider has been given editing access for this mod.
The work I did on this mod was nothing compared to the original hard work EasierRider did.
Endorse his mod first before endorsing this one.
EasierRider has my permission to use this patch in any way he sees fit, and he does not have to credit me if he doesn't want to.  This mod is his mod as far as I am concerned.