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I gave the Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead a modest and immersive makeover.

Permissions and credits
Part 2 of the "Anna's Unique Inns & Taverns" project!
Release 2.
Will eventually be released in an All-In-One "Anna's Unique Inns & Tavern's" bundles esp.

Rorikstead is famous for it's excellent growing conditions for crops, so I decided to capitalize on that and make it a wine valley.
That, and a rustic, farm charm are the center of my new design.
NO SCRIPTS (yet). Safe to install/uninstall as you like.

So, what changed?
 - Bar stools, tables, paintings, decor, loft, extra seating, etc.
 - New Bard, vanilla Instrumental for now, with custom dialogue!  Songs coming!
 - New Vintner and waitress NPCs with new dialogue
 - Secret basement for tasting (that's also where alchemy and enchanting stations are)
 - Static markers were shifted/preserved
 - Navmesh has been adjusted, tested and finalized
 - Cleaned w/ Tes5Edit, 0 errors!

 - Waitress and Vinter have no dialogue? -- Exit and re-enter. Dialogue starts on entering the cell.
 - Bard has no dialogue? -- Save and Reload
 - Bard won't sing? -- Not included yet!  See below...

Future changes:
 - Bard will have songs

Also see Part 1:  Anna's Four Shields Tavern
 - Anduniel - Inn & painting textures, dialogue, voicing (future)
 - Shrike - inn meshes alterations, painting canvas meshes
 - Oaristys & Tony67 - Modders Resource Pack
 - Blary - Food Container Resource
 - Jokerine's Miscellaneous Clutter
 - Runspect - Resources for Modders - teapot & teacup meshes
 - Artisanix - Paintings and Frames - painting frames
 - Jet4571 - Painting Resource - normal maps for painting canvases

Hi!  I'm a professional voice artist and an audiobook narrator on Audible!

If you enjoy my mods and voice acting, please consider supporting me on Patreon!