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The ridiculously large ice shards rammed up your butt by a mock-up Harry Potter in black robes now look so good that you will enjoy even the worst torture in all of tamriel

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Sinitar created a showcase video

So whats this ruckus all about?

I´ve been reworking the enb from the ground up. Every single bit of lighting, every shader and every effect has been reworked
In the end, the changes aren´t very dramatic - but now everything works together better than ever.

With version 3.7 most - if not all - event weathers should be complete, now the only thing i can do is look for "inconsistent" look in dungeons
and apply a specific location weather.

- ambient occlusion on / off -


LIVO combines the advanced shaders of enb with completely new techniques

such as "Advanced Light" as it uses realistic world lighting based on actual real life measurements 

in conjunction with enb´s detailed shadows, skylighting and ambient occlusion to achieve 

the most vivid and lifelike word lighting possible.

Furthermore LIVO uses High Dynamic Range Rendering + high range adaption to capture every single detail in the scene.

All that come with a package of highly sophisticated shaders, such as

HDR dependent bloom,

advanced lens flares,

and bokeh depth of field effect

for some additional eye-candy



Configured and ready for enb v. 0.349 
rain occlusion, autoambient and animated stars are set up

- Whiterun (midday) all regular weather types: clear/sunny, cloudy, foggy, rainy/thunderstorm, snowfall/blizzard -


ENB 0.319

Interior fog removal (some mod that gets rid of the interior fog)

Exterior fog removal (some mod that gets rid of the exterior fog)