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This is a Useful mod to help with map veiw

V.013 Bruma Beta - alternate esp install ONE only make sure you have edited your ini file before use see below:
Updating is going slow trying to figure out what is possible and how to do it. Added City a basic empty city of Bruma. I Am trying to fix those terrain height map errors you will notice. Please leave feedback and useful information as a comment or PM.

V.011 Mod will work

V 0.1 added Pale Pass location at bottom of map (below Helgen) leading to soonly created Bruma. Sorry Mod manager doesn't work for now

V 0.01 An ini tweak to get rid of invisible walls, allowing you to cross skyrims borders into
Install: unrar to :/users/documents/my games/skyrim



To install the rest (1 .esp file) unrar to your skyrim data folder

I plan on having Tamriel fullycreated an brought to life.

Features may include:
-Huge storylines/quests across various provinces
-Countless cities added across Tamriel which are actively functioning on their own
- Lore inspired weapons, armour, and more
-Open world abilty, walk across all provinces no loading screens!
I'm asking for modders out in the community to help out, as this is a huge project that will take some time. I first want to add Morrowind and Cyrodiil to the game.The idea is to use things that are already created in Skyrim to fill 95% of Tamriel. ie.shops, dungeons, villages.

I am looking for people to help out and join this project and utilize the creation kit,
I WILL be needing lanscapers, artists/modelers, and people to add in quests.

I am also taking on the project of Bethesda's Mod Jam.
If they can do it in a week, than we can create it and actually release it!
If you're working on a mod related to:
-Seasonal foliage
-Flow based water
-Spears (with animation)
-New follower commands
-House building/Construction
-Spell combination effects
-Goblins and/or other Elder Scrolls Lore creatures
-"Epic new mounts"
-foot prints
-Vampire Lord or other playabe creatures

Post a comment with the link!

I am looking for people to join this project
Please help this is a big project and were all excited to see the results