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  1. MihailMods
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    This mod should be compatible with almost all other mods

    The armor and weapon produce new dwarven mechanical sounds, but because engine limitations, a big part of the sounds are attached to the Dwarven Aetherial Battlehammer and not on the Dwarven Power Armor directly, so, if you only use the armor, you will have a little amount of dwarven mechanical sounds while moving (just the steps), and using the hammer you will hear all the new sounds.
    The armor is unnisex and can be used by all playable races, and is an unique piece with stats correctly created to a full suit of power armor, but you still can equip rings and amulets bellow the power suit.
  2. TmotaGrief
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    Love the look of the armor and the weapon and shield but... Its not worth using, at all. It overrides all armor slots which only makes it worse and not only that, you are suggesting to use this armor in combat only, but how are you supposed to use it in combat when you can't run and your stamina doesn't regen, I do not understand, you legit can't move away from any attacks, getting unecessary damage, not even gonna talk about combat mods and legendary difficulty. Despite the looks, the armor itself is barely practical. Sad.
  3. MinigunKiller911
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    Is it possible to make power armor for Empire, Stormcloaks and Thalmor with unique variants similar to Fallout?
  4. SamuelOfBooks
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    Is this mod going to be ported to Special Edition at any time? I want to grab both this and the automated power armour for my next play through.
  5. ThMadMax
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    hi! I have a giant follower. can I use it on a giant? it will be good I think.
  6. christianhulen
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    Beautiful mod!
  7. apalekha
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    Totally love your armor, is exactly what I was looking for my dwarven build. Unfortunately I can't use because of the DLC requirements. I don't like the Bethesda DLC's, so don't have them installed, and can't use your awesome armor :(
  8. Mallios
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    Love the look, but I can't say I'd choose it over the Aetherium power armor set. Being one piece that overrides all four armor pieces but doesn't give nearly as much as the benefits as what four pieces could (let alone all that the Aetherium power armor does), this is sadly a step down. Maybe if it was set to another armor slot and aesthetically overrode whatever I was wearing, I'd totally use the hell out of this.

    Edit: Finally used it on a runthrough, and found out that it apparently stops stamina regen completely. That's really not balanced.
    1. hellspawn113
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      Agreed. Would love a version of this without the weird, random "enchantments." (same to the aetherium power armor set tbh)
  9. Greatmjones
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    ok, maybe im late to the party, but are mihails monsters safe to install on SSE? Im assuming not, but his mods disappeared from SSE mod section months ago and havent returned, however, I see that some of the skyrim versions have been updated.

    Someone let me know because I have been itching to get my ass kicked my Mihails Monsters since i (stubbornly) converted to SSE late last year.

  10. wheatly42
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    when im walking around, npcs will comment about my character being naked while wearing the power armor
  11. FrizeHsueh
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    PowerArmor in SKYRIM! Good work!
    Theres one problem:
    How to make the armor droppable?
    Whenever I drop the armor from inventory, it disappear or the model get stuck in the air unlootable.
    I guess there's somthing wrong with the nif file.