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Size Matters adds various size changing spells, powers, and effects to Skyrim.
<br />Complete with an extremely configurable MCM you can play this mod however you want.
<br />
<br />As you grow and shrink in size, your stats will be affected. If the size difference between you and an NPC is large enough, the NPC

Permissions and credits
Size Matters is a new size changing mod for Skyrim. Heavily inspired by my old mod, Macromancy 2, Size Matters aims to bring a similar experience, but do everything better.

You can begin the mod by going to the very end of Bleak Falls Barrow. You begin the spell obtainment quest by picking up the strange book on the way out... Or just use the MCM to give yourself all the spells and play right away.

The primary way of playing this mod is by stealing size from others via spells. You'll be able to change your 'current size' at will, but you have a 'max size' that you will constantly be increasing.

[Effects of Size]
In Size Matters... size matters. The following is player only for now, unless you get fancy with console commands ;)

If the size difference between two creatures is large enough, the smaller creature will begin experiencing detrimental effects. The effects experienced will depend upon the size difference and how the larger creature is moving.

  • Stagger - The smaller creature is knocked off balance, this effect is usually for smaller, but significant size differences.
  • Knockback - The smaller creature is knocked over. This effect is for large size differences. The knockback is much stronger if the larger creature is sprinting.
  • Trample - The smaller creature takes damage from being trampled by such a large creature. Amount of damage scales with size difference.
  • Crush - The smaller creature is completely crushed by the larger creature. This begins around a size difference of 4x. The smaller creature can resist being crushed as long as it has health but will take massive damage while doing so.
  • Vore - When significantly larger than NPCs, the player can 'use' the NPC and the option to eat them will come up.

Size Matters introduces a variety of new spells to the game. These spells allow you to change your own size, as well as the size of others.

  • Grow - A self cast spell that causes the caster to grow towards their max size. Growth speed increases the longer the spell is held.
  • Dual Cast - Faster in every way.

  • Shrink - A self cast spell that causes the caster to shrink in size. Shrink speed increases the longer the spell is held.
  • Dual Cast - Faster in every way.

  • Shrink Others - This is a hostile spell used to shrink enemies and take their size as your own.
  • Dual Cast - 2.5x as effective and the caster grows from the absorbed size.

  • Grow Ally - This spell is used to make an ally grow in size. The ally will first grow towards their maximum size, upon reaching this height the caster will begin giving an spare size they have to the ally, allowing them to grow further.
  • Dual Cast - Faster in every way.

  • Shrink Ally - Causes an ally to shrink in size, but does not reduce their max size.
  • Dual Cast - Faster in every way.

  • Restore Size - Restores the caster to their original size.
  • Dual Cast - No benefit.

  • Restore Other's Size - Restores a target to their original size.
  • Dual Cast - No benefit.

  • Absorb - A lesser power that attempts to completely absorb a smaller creature. Can only be used to absorb creatures that are significantly smaller. If absorb fails however, it will cause the target to instantly shrink by some amount.
  • Dual Cast - N/A

  • Explosive Growth - A once per day power that causes the caster to rapidly grow to their max size.
  • Dual Cast - N/A

Due to how Skyrim is designed, playing as a giant can be hard for various technical reasons. Due to this, I've gone ahead and added a slew of features to the mod designed to assist in this regard. All of these features are optional and can be ignored, but properly using them can enhance gameplay as a giant quite a bit.

  • Automatic Camera - An automatic camera can be enabled through the MCM. This will automatically keep the camera angle appropriate for your size. Further, a multitude of options are available to customize the camera to your liking.
  • Alternate Camera Angles - A hotkey can be enabled to switch the camera between a primary set of angles and an alternate set of angles. Very useful when setup properly. The default alternate angles should provide an excellent example of what I mean.

  • Prone - I've added the ability to go prone. This can be hotkeyed in the MCM. How it works is when prone is enabled, it overrides crouching, taking your 1st person view lower as well as showing prone animations.
  • Prone Part 2 - While in 1st person prone, the prone hotkey can be held down. This will override the mousewheel and scrolling will adjust the height of being prone, up and down. To reset back to the default prone height, simply press and hold the prone hotkey for a moment, and then release without making any height adjustments.

  • 1st Person Modes - There are 3 modes for first person that can be cycled through via hotkey. This feature was slightly outdated once I added prone, but it still serves some purpose. The idea for these modes is that instead of needing to shrink yourself to interact with something small, I simply 'shrink' 1st person mode only. The modes are fully configurable, the defaults are as follows:
    • Normal Mode - Essentially turning the feature off.
    • Combat Mode - Limits your 1st person view height to 20ft~, should allow easy combat if you find yourself struggling to hit from being too large.
    • Loot Mode - Limits your 1st person view height to 9ft~, should make interacting with NPCs and looting do-able at any height.

  • Animation Speed Control - Because Skyrim doesn't update the walking animations speed to reflect your size when scaling via SetNodeScale, I've included a wonderful SKSE plugin, made by h38fh2mf, that allows animation speed to be scaled as desired. There are 3 associated hotkeys, only the first is essential.
    • Auto - Automatically sets an appropriate speed based on your current height, can be pressed again to instantly go back to normal speed. (Going back to normal speed is important, because unfortunately, this scales the speed of ALL your animations.)
    • Faster - Fine tunes the animation speed to be faster.
    • Slower - Fine tunes the animation speed to be slower.

  • Game Modes - There are optional game modes available through the cheats page of the MCM after the spell obtainment quest is completed (or skipped). The game modes are simple and configurable.
    • Growing - The player is always growing at the specified rate.
    • Shrinking - The player is always shrinking at the specified rate, when NOT in combat.
    • Combat - The player grows while in combat, shrinks while not in combat.

  • Speed Bonus Cap - There is a configurable cap on the amount of bonus speed received from your size, it defaults to a cap of 300%. The point of this is so you don't crash Skyrim by moving too fast.

[Additional Content]
There is additional content in the mod, but most of it is handled automatically and enabled/disabled via MCM.
  • Loud footsteps when large.
  • Camera shake when large.
  • Lots of camera shake and a loud crashing sound when landing from a fall/jump while large.
  • God Mode - Cheat you can toggle to give yourself infinite max size.
  • Bonus Configuration - All bonus stats have an associated multiplier, so you can adjust them to your liking.
  • Size Formula - You can manually determine how max size is calculate or choose from preset formulas. This allows for slow but steady size gain, or fast size gain, or fast but decreasing size gain, etc. This allows you to pace the mod as you see fit.

  1. Install all required mods first.
  2. Install the mod via the NMM (or mod manager of choice) normally.
  3. Run FNIS

[Special Thanks]
h38fh2mf - For the awesome 'Animation Speed Control' SKSE plugin: Can be found on LoversLab
DarkAngel1265 - For the crawling animations I use for prone mode: Crawl on Fours Animation