True Torches by Monophonotronic
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Added: 10/02/2012 - 06:27PM
Updated: 14/05/2015 - 06:36PM

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Frech Translation (credit to fr0stx):

Note: Does NOT conflict with the Dynamic Torches mod.
Note 2: Works with any graphics mod, such as RCRN or FXAA Injector.

I use the Realistic Lighting mod with my own custom ini and found torches to be very necessary for traveling at night or in dungeons. Also found the vanilla torches light radius to be too small for practical use. I was constantly running into traps, or other obstacles, that should have been obvious but weren't visible until directly in front of me. So I simply tweaked the light radius distance to get a balance between pracicality for the user and fairness to the game itself.

Feel free to leave a suggestion, or a request.

Increased torch light radius from 712 to 762.
Increased torch light shadow radius from 512 to 762.
Increased torch life time from 4 minutes to 12 minutes

Added a version with the torch life time set back to the default 4 minutes.

Added a requested version with eternal torch life

Added a requested version with torch life set to 8 minutes ("Happy Medium")

Realistic Lighting by Pluto - 747823 - and Leviathan1753
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