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Added: 10/02/2012 - 06:23PM
Updated: 26/02/2012 - 08:00PM

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Last updated at 20:00, 26 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 18:23, 10 Feb 2012

As often requested i´m very proud to Present EDWS - Enhanced Dynamic Weather System.
With this Mod you´ll have more often Rain and more often Snow without breaking or overriding any Weather States,
it´s just a game of luck if your Weather is Rainy, Snowy, Cloudy or Clear. All Weather States are still there,
but the Chance to get Rainy or Snowy Weather is higher and the Chance to get Cloudy or Sunny Weather lower, almost balanced
to not break immersion. (I´m also planning to do a non immersive Version where it rains even much more and or snows much more)
Snowy and Rainy Weather States are also dynamic, just like Cloudy and Clear weather.


- More often Rain and Snowfall in all Areas but only Areas where you find Rainy or Snowy Weather e.g. - Update -- Maybe it should also Rain in very cold and Snowy Areas? Tell me what you think about it!
it will never Rain in Winterhold because it´s too cold there for Rain.
- Riften now has also Rain (only light Rain)
- Winterhold now has also MediumSnowy Weather, not only HeavySnowStorms
- Windhelm now has more often Snowstorms
- Solitude now has more often Rain (also rainstorms)
- Markarth now has also Rainstorms, not only light Rainfall
- Whiterun now has more often Rain (also rainstorms)
- Three different requested Versions :
- An always Rainy Weather Version -- Light and Heavy Rainfall all the time in all Areas.
- An always Sunny Weather Version -- Sunny Weather all the time in all Areas. (requested)
- An always Snowy Weather Version -- Light and Heavy Snowfall/storm all the time in all Areas.

Update 26.02.2012

As some of you requested, EDWS now comes in Different Versions with Always Rainy Weather - Always Sunny Weather and Always Snowy Weather.

Update 19.02.2012 :

Reduced Overall Rain frequency (especially in Whiterun Region)
Fixed (hopefully all) Areas where Rainfall only occured for a few Minutes

For more Immersion i recommend these Mods too : ---More Rain ---More Snow

This Mod is also compatible with other Snow and or Rain Retextures (only retextures) but should be incompatible with other Weather state
changing Mods.

Criticism is always very welcome, let me know what you think! If you have any suggetions or Issues, just feel free to tell me.
Want Snow in Whiterun, Rifton or other Weather changes? Tell me too.
Also Thank you very very much for your Feedback, because of that, i decided to make this Mod!

Also Important:
If you´re using a Realistic Lightning Mod you have to set the correct load Order. At first load your prefered Lightning Mod, then -->EnhancedDynamicWeatherSystem.esp MoreSnow.esp and or MoreRain.exp (doesn´t Matter) . MoreRain and MoreSnow without extras are fully compatible to any Lightning mod, the Versions with extras such as Windy and WindywithLessView Versions wont work with all Lightning Mods, try out yourself :)
It also doesn´t matter in wich Order you load the Files. The important thing is to load every Lightning mod before MoreRain, MoreSnow or EDWS.

Known Issues:

At this Time there is a language Bug for Whiterun Solitude and Rifton e.g. if your game is in french or german, these Towns will have International Names. Sadly this Issue can´t be fixed now, because this Bug is caused by the Creation Kit.
UPDATE : ALL Language Issues should be fixed now, but it needs to be confirmed! Because i cant check myself - Cant reproduce the Bug! Please use Version 1.1 and tell me if it works correct. Thank you in advance! - CONFIRMED, THIS MOD HAS NO LANGUAGE ISSUES ANY MORE! BIG THANKS TO "Grestok" ; "downtothe" ; and "sdfgsdjfasdjk" !

Sometimes the following Mods are Incompatible:
"More Dynamic Shadows", "More Interactive Items" and "DynamicTorches" - you might get a Language Bug when using these Mods, that Means your Building Names will be in English. - (Confirmed by Grestok)

|Install Notes:|

Extract and copy the File to your Skyrim Data Folder. Start the Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files and tick EnhancedDynamicWeatherSystem.
That´s it.


Just simply delete the File "EnhancedDynamicWeatherSystem".


The Nexus and Steam Community
Bethesda for creating one of the greatest games ever!


Q: "What the Heck? Rain and Snow falls trough Solid Objects"
A: There is nothing i can do about it at this time. This "Bug" would also appear without the Mod, but you would not notice so intense, because Vanilla Rain and Snow is much softer!

Q: "My Background turns to white at Rainstorms, what can i do to fix it?
A: This is a conflict with another Mod like Realistic Lightning, Dynamic Shadows, or any other
Visual enhancement Mod. Check your load order and load EDWS after any those kind of Mods.
Could also appear when using an ENB Profile.

Q: "During Rain or Snowstorms NPC´s are walking around as if it is the sunniest of days, can you fix it please?"
A: Without a clearly new scripted Weather System this is not possible and sadly i do not have the time to do it. Maybe we will get an Update for the Weather System in the future from Bethesda, so we do not have to create a whole new scripted weather system.

Q: "Sometimes it Rains or Snows for just a few seconds - Bug?"
A: This happend to me very very rare, but it has something to do in the way the Weather system works and in the next Updates i will try to fix it to best possible result.

Q: "My City Names are now in English, what can i do to fix it?"
A: It must be a conflict with another Mod. I could never reproduce a Language Bug, this mod do not even use Strings, you can Check it out yourself with "Skyrim Strings Localizer" (Thanks to Maboroshi Daikon for the nice tool!), but i have to say, i do not really know why some poeple get that kind of Bug, in my opinion it must be a Mod Conflict. Check load Order and try to disable others Mod to figure out wich Mod causes this Bug.