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Containing +500 new assets for skyrim for modders to use in level designs to allow more interesting environments.

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Containing +500 new assets for skyrim for modders to use in level designs to allow more interesting environments, such as making walls and ceilings less bland.
It is not complete but it adds an assortment of custom assets made from the vanilla assets. I will add new assets as I need them.
In the images taken are some of the new assets, and some are of environments made almost entirely out of the custom assets.(excluding Smoke and room shells)


-72 Mining nodes to be used with the mine prefabs on walls
-18 Bedrolls for Nordic Ruins
-72 Mushrooms for Mines and Caves
-60 Pillars
~325 Rock and Rock Pile Variants for Mines and Caves*
-12 Creeks/streams for mines and caves
-9 Cave/mine entrances
-A bunch of other unspecific assests
*You can use them on walls or ceilings or on the floor, there are about 15 Variants and each set is labeled Vxx for conveinence. The number after the V means the same thing for each item in the set (ex. DFTAPRockPileL01CaveV01 will have the same texture set as DFTAPRockPileM02V01). To find the assets just enter the prefix DFTAP into the filter.

Take the files included in this zip into the and put them into the skyrim data folder.

This file is a ESM and you will need to go into the SkyrimEditor.ini found in the skyrim main folder and add or change bAllowMultipleMasterLoads to 1. Changing this will allow you to have multiple master files. You can just copy and paste this bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 under General After you have done that you can just set DFT_Asset_Pack as a master along with skyrim and mod as usual. Once the mod that you are working on is complete you will need to convert your mod to an ESM using Wrye Bash and then merge it with DFTAP using Merge Plugins, afterwards convert back to an esp.

Links to Files:
Wrye Bash
Merge Plugins

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Please report bugs here. feedback is greatly appreciated.