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A very simple mod that applies custom, more realistic textures to the vanilla ship models.

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A very simple mod that applies my custom 2K texture work to the vanilla ship models. The textures are darker and based on realistic traditional Baltic pine tar ship weatherproofing. Shiny rivets, weathering - boats have never looked so realistic!

UPDATE whaat... so apparently this made hot files somehow!?

Thanks everyone for the support! If you think these humble textures are worthy of your attention you should definitely check out the great
work that's going on at Beyond Skyrim (link below in original description). These folks are achieving great things and I learnt much of what I used to create these textures from them.


More ship stuff...

Please also check out my custom vanilla ship replacer meshes over here. It's my hope that someone with more CK experience than this lowly modeller will implement these in-game. Some of my work here (such as my Bretic ship statics) has been used to add to the awesome project work going on at Beyond Skyrim - such as Atmora, Roscrea, Iliac Bay... I can't overstate how much fantastic work the community is doing over there and how they've helped me progress my skills.

Happy sailing!