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A set of original, lore-friendly boat and ship models for Skyrim

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Ever thought that the vanilla, banana-boat-meets-Noah's-arc ship models were unrealistic or unbefitting of the ancient seafaring Nord culture? Ever thought it strange that the trading ships or warships of different races are nowhere to be found in Skyrim?  This model set aims to add original, lore-friendly ship and boat models to Skyrim, designed to replace and add to the variety of existing ship models. I love TES lore as well as 3D ship design and modelling, but have little experience texturing, coding, creating mods, etc. As such, this project started off more as personal amusement.  However, as I've amassed many different ship models for Skyrim, I'm releasing them onto the Nexus as a modders' resource for others to use and implement in the game if they wish.

Here are 3 Nord-style ships for you to enjoy!  These are directly inspired by the Viking cultures the Nords reference, and are a living link to the long-lost seafaring traditions of Atmora.

These assets are designed to be added to the Creation Kit under the Statics category (see "how-to" section in the readme file).

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- 1.1 - "Nord Rowboat."  Designed to replace the vanilla rowing boat that comes with the game. Similar dimensions but much more  reflective of the Viking-esque boatbuilding cultures the Nords are based on.

- 1.2 - "Nord tradeship." Open-air, multipurpose trade/fishing/cargo/raiding ship designed to replace the longboats found in Skyrim. Smaller dimensions - similar to Viking "knarr" ships. Designed to fit in along all cities and towns with access to enough water. Beached/out-of-water variant included.

- 1.3 - "Nord greatship." Though I think the largest ships found in Skyrim are far too big for their style, this "greatship" has been designed as an ancestor of the Jorrvaskr ship, and designed with same scale as such ships as the "Danty Sload" and "Red Wave."  A mighty four-deck capital ship; special enough to have just one or two of these in the entire game. Perhaps someone could use one as Ulfric's flagship, or for some such similar use?

PLEASE NOTE that these meshes incorporate both sailing and docked features and cannot be used straight away!!! You will need to create a couple of quick and easy texture sets (see how-to in readme).

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Beyond Skyrim
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I'm stoked to announce that these files have been completed in aid of adding resources to the Beyond Skyrim: Atmora and Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea projects, where they will be used across those provinces and beyond.  Please note though that if you see my models used there, some textures and mesh elements are Beyond Skyrim-only (such as flags, shields, banners etc.), and as such are not free for use, and not included here.

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The contents of this pack are designed for anybody to use for their own not-for-profit Skyrim and SkyrimSE mods.  You may use all or any parts
of these files in mods of your own, but ONLY with my permission. You may not use these models if you do not credit me as author, or distribute
them (redirect here, please), or use them in any way for financial gain.

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Stay tuned
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Feel free to check out VOLUME 2 over here -  Now also complete as of 17/05/17!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for more of my work across other Beyond Skyrim provinces!