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Tales mention water hags masquerading as lost old women to lure travelers back to the rickety shackes they build in the wetlands. Their wrinkled, wart-covered bodies stand neary two yards tall and stink of muck and fish. Bony growths two spans long stick out from their backs, with hair like a tangle of seaweed and claws.

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"Some tales mention water hags and swamp bints masquerading as lost old women to lure travelers back to the rickety shackes they build in the wetlands. In truth, only a blind man, or a sighted man blinded with drink, could mistake the rank sludge and rotting carrion of a water hag's den for a cozy cottage, and the hideous hag herself for an innocent grandmother. Their wrinkled, wart-covered bodies stand neary two yards tall and stink of muck and fish. Bony growths two spans long stick out from their backs., with hair like a tangle of seaweed and claws that would make a werewolf proud completing the picture. "
Witcher 3- Wild Hunt

Water Hags are one of the various types of hags that roam Tamriel. Women witches who transformed themselves in horrendous half-woman half- beast creatures. Hagravens for example, are half-bird witches, blessed with this transformation by Hircine. But scholars do not know much about the origin of the Water Hags, only that they were once women witches, seeking for power, that sacrified their humanity in order to achieve their goals. 
Since some can be found in Coldharbour, maybe Molag Bal are involved on their creation, but these are only theories.

Despite their horrendous look, they are one of the weakest type of hags that can be found in Skyrim.
Although, they can be a threat to low level characters, with their claws and casted water balls.
They frequently steal animals from farms close to the rivers and lakes, and also have tried many times to steal
children, but, one well-fitted guard is more than enough to kill one of this hags, so, commonly they are pretty
much simple grave-robbers, and opportunist killers. They manage in some cases to kill 1 or 2 unsuspecting
bandits, or a small bear, but commonly eat on fish, larvae and rodents.
In fact, Water Hags are not considered by the people of Skyrim has a real big threat,
but much more as a scary element for children stories.

All the water hags live in wet areas, but some differences seems to exist between them, the regular water hags have a pinkish-blue/ pinkish-green color, and commonly carry a sack with mudcrab and fish. They use pearl collars, parts of cloth and a pair of gauntlets made of bone and animal leather. The ones that live on swamps carry a sack of mud, have green coloration, commonly use decorative horns on the heads, and have a long tongue that they use to search prey inside the mud. The last type is known as grave hags, and seems to scavenge inside dungeons and cemiteries searching for corpses, specially bones, that they use on their weird rituals. These ones are grey and carry parts of skeletons on their backs.

They are versatile in combat, despite slow, and can give you swamp fever with their claw strikes,  a dangerous disease that decreases your combat capacity. Also, as mentioned, water hags are capable water magic casters.

- 3 new creatures:
water hag- in 2 color variants
swamp hag- in 2 color variants
grave hag- in 2 color variants

- water hags construct their homes close to lakes,
rivers, or inside ruins with water

- they have custom spells based on water
(some appear sometimes available on vendors)

- new disease- swamp fever

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- re-modelling of the original models, parts of the skyrim model, animations,
game implementation, diseases, spells, water hags lairs

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD PROJEKT RED- for the original models and textures
Reaperix- for the water magica resource