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Have Lyris Titanborn from The Elder Scrolls Online as a follower!

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This is my first ever mod, i hope you guys enjoy!

Basically this mod adds the mighty Lyris Titanborn from ESO into Skyrim! Keep in mind this is a work in progress and is not fully completed yet but the basics are there and should work, if it doesn't let me know and ill get to fixing it ASAP. You can find Lyris at the Jarl's Longhouse in Winterhold shes the tall one you cant miss her! However if she isn't spawning in or talking to you try saving your game and reloading that usually fixes it... 
Note: If you want Lyris to look more like the images above try installing cbbe body preset and superior lore friendly hair, i still dont know if the mod works 100% so please let me know if you find anything wrong with it thank you.  

Simply Install using a mod manager or extract the files to your Skyrim data folder.

Please contact me if you plan on uploading this with another mod.