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Morthal now has an actual road instead of just a dirt path.

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I no longer have this edition of Skyrim installed. As a result, this mod will not receive any further updates.


Morthal is the capital of a hold, but you can't get to it without another mod or the map. How do people trade with the town? What if Movarth does what he set out to do? They would be screwed because there isn't a road headed straight there.

This mod adds a small, worn out road that runs down to Morthal. It doesn't edit NavMesh and uses very few landscape edits (mostly terrain paints) so conflicts should be kept to a minimum.


Nexus Mod Manager/Vortex/Mod Organizer

Download and install as you normally would.

Wrye Bash

Download the latest version manually
Move the archive into the Skyrim Bash Installers folder.
Run Wrye Bash and install the mod as you normally would.
Enable "Road to Morthal.esp" and off you go!


Download the latest version manually.
Unpack the downloaded archive.
Move the unpacked files into the Skyrim Data folder.
Activate the plugin through a mod manager or the game's launcher.

After installing, run LOOT.


None. Excellent...


I would recommend picking up either Point the Way or Weathered Road Signs for signs. Both are great mods.


Remove "Road to Morthal.esp" from the data folder or through your mod manager. "Yes" to the missing files warning.

Nothing should be permanently changed.