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Fur Armor:
Bare torso - Roughhewn Traveller's Garb (Brigandage)
Bare torso with shawl - Roughhewn Hide And Furs (Brigandage)
Full body sleeveless - Worn Heavy Furs (Brigandage)

Hide Armor - Hide Armor Over Furs (Brigandage)
Studded Armor - Studded Armor Over Furs (Brigandage)
Leather Armor - Jehennian Leather Cuirass
Scaled Armor - Scale And Fur I (Scale and Fur)
Scaled Horn Armor - Scale And Fur II (Scale and Fur)
Iron Armor - Iron Armor with Sleeves (Iron Armor variant with sleeves and chainmail)
Banded Iron Armor - Banded Iron Armor with Sleeves (Banded Iron with Sleeves)
Steel Armor - Steel Armor with Sleeves (Steel Armor with Sleeves)
Steel Armor With Pauldrons - Braced Steel Armor (Brigandage)
Ancient Falmer Armor - Elven Dragonbone Light Armor Set

Ragged Robes - Worn Fur Clothes (Brigandage)
Ragged Trousers - Old Fur Clothes (Brigandage)
Roughspun Tunic - Roughspun Tunic and Leathers (Brigandage)

ClothesFarmClothes03 - BeltedTunic2 (Skyrim Peasant Fashion)
ClothesFarmClothes03withExtras (with cape) - Clothes21 (Skyrim Peasant Fashion)
ClothesFarmClothesVariant03 - BeltedTunic1 (Skyrim Peasant Fashion)

Stormcloak officer armor - Bear Armor (Morrowind Armor Compilation)
Stormcloak/guard armor

Dawnguard Red Armor - 5AA with 3AA textures (male)

OPTIONAL Ancient Nord Armor Patch:
Ancient Nord Armor - Nordic Wanderer Equipment (Player, optional)
Ancient Nord Armor (Non-playable) - vanilla with female version from Practical Female Armors

- Brigandage by Franklin Zunge:
uses nbfurhoods textures by northborn
chainmail texture by hothtrooper
chainmail texture by defunkt
witcher 2 meshes ported by lordofwar
amidianborn textures
bethesda vanilla meshes and textures

- Scale and Fur by Franklin Zunge

- Iron Armor variant with sleeves and chainmail by defunkt

- Banded Iron with Sleeves by Franklin Zunge
Franklin Zunge

- Steel Armor with Sleeves by Franklin Zunge
Franklin Zunge
Teh Husky

- Jehennian Leather Cuirass by Franklin Zunge
lordofwar - witcher materials cdproject

- Morrowind Armor Compilation by Teh-Husky

- Elven Dragonbone Light Armor Set by lautasantenni

- Skyrim Peasant Fashion by PaulImposteur

- Practical Female Armors by JZBai
File credits:
747823 for the original mod idea
Taverner for the original all-in-one installer and Glass Variants patch
preeum for the Bodyslide presets
EpitomyOfShyness for compiling the aMidianBorn Addon patch and CaBaL120 and kryptopyr for the textures in that patch
NOTE: Since the patch contains textures from aMidianBorn Book of Silence all distribution rules from there apply here as well. That means do not upload the patch anywhere off of the nexus.

- Nordic Wanderer Equipment by Billyro
File credits:
Humus, for his cubemap bases (from which I edited and generated the cubemaps).
Nobiax, for his chainmail and iron texture overlays.
CaBaL120, for his aMidianBorn textures that I used as a base.
XRC (Exray Catt), for his Imperial heavy boots texture which I used as a base.
Jaykin1, for his atmospheric screenshots.
3DS Max 2012, NifSkope, Paint.NET and CrazyBump - the tools I used to make this mod.