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Shout-based ability to summon a menu which can be used to open the crafting screens, as well as providing a link to a storage chest.

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This handy shout will summon a menu with each of the crafting options listed. That is to say, no matter where you are you can make, improve and enchant weapons and armour or you can make some food and drink. Or you can break stuff if that's what you enjoy doing. I mean, why spend all your time faffing about in the dungeons of your player home when you can maraud about Tamriel and do what you gotta do out in the wilds? Huh? Thought so.


The book is now obsolete because the spell is automatically applied. In any case, it is still where it was on the counter in the Riverwood store and the ownership flag has also been removed. I will consider reverting this back to the way it was but the reason I did it this way is because use of the menu is effectively cheating so it really makes no sense to force people to collect the book.

Storage Container

The menu includes a link to a non-respawning storage container. In other words, it is effectively a mobile chest. Personally I won’t need it for general storage because I already have several mods to that effect and usually do all my crafting at home, but I’ll probably find this immensely useful for storing weapons and armour which will almost certainly be destroyed for materials.

Crafty Ring

This is just a sneaky ring I made which doubles the power of smithing, enchanting and alchemy. It is an optional file which does not require the main download. The ring does not appear anywhere and therefore can only be summoned at the console. Note that it does not apply the enchanting bonus in the same way as a Fortify Enchanting potion would - rather than the skill value being increased and with a limited duration, it instead works in the same way as wearing a piece of clothing with the smithing or alchemy buffs, and thus its effects are continuous so long as the ring is being worn.

Technical Stuff

Originally based on this mod... [Spell - Summon Crafting Menu]

I’ve had a good play with this and decided that it would better suit the shout method for bringing the menu up. If you’ve used Amazing Follower Tweaks then you’ll probably know how this works as that has an ability with which you give commands to your followers by summoning a menu - you favourite it on the abilities screen, like you would for a normal power or shout, and then you use your regular hotkey to perform the shout. The spell method means you’d have to ready your hands, but with this one you just use two hotkeys to select and then use the shout which is far more convenient. Apparently there used to be a ring version which did the same thing, but it would involve having to put the ring on every time so again a shout is more viable.

Note that the menu is triggering stations which have been placed into a cell outside of the main world. This is in contrast to the original mod as linked above; with that one you might be moved to the appropriate station in Malkarth if you are already situated there, or indeed the Skyforge if you’re in Whiterun, or you might even find that somebody is already using it - by using a unique cell these problems are avoided. I also noticed that the smelter wouldn’t always open for some reason, which is why I looked into it and worked this new method instead.

Menu Script

The script I wrote for dealing with the menu clicks consists of 15 options. I have named each as “OptionA”, “OptionB” and so on. It can easily be used for any menu with up to 15 buttons, each one is identical in the script and will do absolutely nothing on their own so it’s just a matter of what one feels like doing with them in the editor (that is, doing stuff under the Virtual Machine Adapter list). Therefore, it can essentially be regarded as a global script.

Do feel free to use it as you see fit.


No other mods or plug-ins are required. It is working fine for me on Legendary, but it is reported to be incompatible with Special Edition. It should otherwise be compatible with mods across the board, it is unique so there should be no issues. Only one script which executes when the menu is triggered and does nothing after it is closed.