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This mod changes The Rift into a blue wonderland. Updated 10/9/19 with 3D trees version and other improvements

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The Blue Forest

by mobiusbelmont

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Description and Installation:  

This mod changes Riften leaves to blue and also re-colors the vanilla grass, landscape, and shrubs 

There is now a version with Mathy79's 3D trees.  

Billboards are available for use with DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen  to generate tree LOD with other landscape mods, or New Lands worldspaces (like Falskaar or Summerset Isles).

Only install ONE main file!  Core File plus billboards are for DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen users to make this mod compatible with other tree mods like SFO.  More patches forthcoming as soon as I get time to make them.

3D LODs for DynDOLOD are now available for the 2D trees version only (LODS for Mathy79 trees still being worked on)

I highly recommend using a grass mod that changes the grass in The Rift to green.  Install this mod after other grass mods.  

Not compatible with other mods that change aspen trees.


1.0 initial release

1.1 fixed tree LOD to reduce 'pop in'

added high resolution (1K textures ) by taprosoft

2.0 added 3D trees version
added BSA archive
changed Riften ground textures in the city to match new landscape
added 3D LODs for DynDOLOD (2D tree version only for right now)
optimized meshes, textures, and billboards

Mathy79 for the 3D trees
taprosoft for the amazing high res lush aspen textures
Elinen and ztree for the birch tree bark and leaf textures
Zilav for TES5LODGen and the amazing billboard generator tool
Sheson for DynDOLOD