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An update of the somewhat boring exterior of Sky Haven Temple; transforming it into a lovely Akaviri inspired garden.

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This is The Oldrim version of my Sky Haven Temple - Gardens mod, SSE version found here. The screen shots are also from that mod so actual appearance in game may differ slightly.

Quite a simple mod that simply transforms the exterior of Sky Haven Temple into a more aesthetically pleasing Japanese (of in this case Akaviri) themed garden, providing a nice pond, waterfall, Canitcle trees, lookout posts, and guardhouse. 

In terms of the lore, some people might complain about the use of Canticle Trees, but as far as I'm aware there are many Ancestor Glades across Tamriel other than the one Ancient Grove in Skyrim. I incorporated the Ancestor Moths that are supposedly drawn to the trees, as well as some easter eggs of ancient Nord ruins with the Moth mural on them to show the area was used long before the Blades arrived as well.

NOTE!!: Some of the clutter and lights shown in the screen shots won't spawn until you progress the blades questline


- Probably incompatible with any others mods that edit the exterior of Sky Haven Temple

- Probably compatible with any mods that don't

- Will add anymore that are reported


- Screen shots! I could definitely use some better screenshots as that is not my forte 

- Recommendations. Specifically on stuff that can make the area more useful. I was thinking of adding forges and whatnot but thought that they would be better served for an update to the interior of Sky Haven Temple.

- Bug fixes/ advise. This is my first released mod so any advise on mistakes I might have made are greatly appreciated (assuming you know what you're talking about haha).

Mod Recommendations:

- I highly recommend using one of the training dummies provide XP mods so that you can train in the courtyard yourself (note that the dummies only spawn after a bit into the Blades quest line)


- V1.0: Initial release


Elinen for their Hoddminir Plants and Trees providing the lily pads

Denkigroove for their Oriental Umbrellas and Lanterns providing the floating and hanging lanterns