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Darks Souls like mods very popular in Skyrim. In net you can find so much ports of weapons from this game, but original textures looks ugly. What I did? I just ported textures from Dark Souls mods. Why I did this? Couse no one did this before.
English not my best language. Dont blame me for grammatic.
Its my first mod here. And Im not original author of all these textures, they are all shown below.

Here 3 versions:

By EvilDeadAsh34

By Neoshroomish

By likmereet

Better upload your screenshots, cause I used old notebook for this.

You can craft and upgrade this swords with steel armor perk. You want 3 steel ingots, 1 gold ingot and 1 leather strips. 
This claymore faster than other twohanded swords and deals damage like Dwarven.

Thanks EvilDeadAsh34, Neoshroomish and likmereet for given textures and their permission to use them,
Bandai Namco for models,
Bethesda for game.