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by SA547

In his plane of reality called Apocrypha, the Daedric Lord Hermaeus Mora was in conversation with his champion Miraak, explaining one of those things he dredged from out of his infinite memory.

"There is an interesting little item," the Daedric Lord said, "of what the Tsaesci man named Versidue-Shaie had in his pocket for his entire life, which is a recipe of a strange sauce they call Szechuan."

"A sauce that affects history?" Miraak said.

"Yes. According to an account of a indentured servant who once served him dinner, and the Potentate was drunk while explaining the story behind the sauce."

So came the story that the drunken Potentate narrated about the mystery sauce to an unbelieving confidant, that the sauce was a popular elite Tsaesci delicacy for two centuries after they managed to acquire its secret recipe from the chest of the fortress of their rival Ka Po Tuns. The said sauce was served only to Ka Po Tun nobility, including that of their dragon-king, but the sauce, he claimed, ultimately came into their hands from out of nowhere, a bottle and a piece of paper falling from out of the sky. The recipe itself became a guarded family secret of the Potentate, passing it from father to son, and they, calling themselves Akaviri, cook the sauce only by that lineage. Anyone who disclosed the secret recipe would be sentenced to death by an exquisite penalty, of being cast into a erupting volcano.

"Nonetheless, just before his death in the hands of assassins, his descendant still had the recipe in his hand, gave it to an agent of mine posing as an ignorant wench, which then was sent into this realm for, indeed, my safekeeping."

"So, indeed, this sauce exists only to ourselves?"

"Not exactly, however," Heraeus Mora said. "He produced a few bottles, but then were stolen during the chaos of his assassination. The bottles came into the possession of one of the few arch necromancers, for they knew that one taste of that sauce gave them near-infinite power for ten minutes."


  • Bottles are in leveled boss chests in bandit camps, necromancers' lairs, tombs of Draugr, and someplace
  • Potency fortifies known skills for 10 minutes
  • No way of crafting, since the recipe is ultimately lost to the Daedric Lord, who is no stranger to the phrase FYIGM.


The author would like to thank r/skyrimmods; this idea was hatched while on a dull day on Discord.


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