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Ocean     The     Misty     Healer

Using Demoniacs Fair Skin HD Textures!!

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Description and Follower Info:

Ocean: Ocean is a Breton heal type follower with a few frost spells for diversity.
She is also Xeras little sister.

Age: 26
Location: Whiterun - The Hall of the Dead
Combat: Resto/Frost
LevelCap: 1:1 Ratio lv150


Restoration 00/25/50/75/100
Destruction 00/25
Recovery 30/50
Augmented Frost
Restoration Dual Casting

Fast Healing
Frost Bite
Frost Cloak
Grand Healing
Healing Hands
Heal Other
Greater Ward
Steadfast Ward
Lesser Ward

25% Magic Resist! Woo

Thanks to Skylaskyrim and Bad Applie Pie for making the tutorials for creating custom followers.
Links here --> (Bad Applie Pie)VinAri0807 Tutorial - Skylaskyrim Tutorial

Shout out to Plooshy with helping me with questions about this follower and followers to come!
She also has my favorite follower, Please get Neve! Support the wendigos! Even tho we all killed him in all the final fantasy games =X

I encourage everyone to try and make a follower at least once.


Aug 6th - Re Upload, Due to complications

-Rudy ENB Here
-FaceLight Here
-Female Facial Animation Here
-Face to Face converstation Here
-Amazing Follower Tweaks Here

Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky For KS Hairdos - Renewal
"bad apple pie" Vinari0807 for the Tutorial
SkylaSkyrim for the Tutorial
Regenbot03 for the Demoniac Textures
Ousnius and Caliente for CBBE Body/Bodyslide
expired6978 for Racemenu
lthot for the Brows