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.: About :.

This is a character preset for Vermillion Star-Weaver, my Nord thief character. 

In my canon, Vermillion was born to traveling adventurers, and by the time she was 21, had visited every province of Tamriel, save Summerset. Vermillion and her parents were separated during a raid on the caravan they had been traveling with in northern Cyrodiil. Vermillion crossed the border into Skyrim chasing rumors that they had survived and made it into Skyrim.

Eventually, she fell in with the Thieves Guild of Riften, which allowed her to develop her innate skills at stealth and thievery. Vermillion went on to become the Guild Master, a Nightingale, Thane of each hold, and a business owner (I RP'd with Skvindt's Hjelarchen Farm and Windstad Mine mods, check them out) [so basically the new Maven, but better and not such a skeever-tit].

Vermillion is a master archer, master alchemist, and master thief. She favors her Nightingale bow and poisoned arrows. She is also a very experienced trader.

.: Requirements :. 

This mod requires:
KS Hairdos HDT 
The Eyes of Beauty
SG Female Eyebrows

along with SKSE and HDT obviously. 

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