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Adds an Imperial port town with a playerhome, a Stormcloak military port, and a naval presence from both factions on the northern coast.

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Have you ever wondered why there are no navies in Skyrim? There is a civil war going on, yet neither side seems to have a naval presence in Skyrim. Isn't trade from the Solitude docks important to the city? If so, why are there no Stormcloak ships attempting a blockade? And why are there no Imperial ships protecting the docks from a potential blockade? These are some of the questions that I had that inspired me to make this mod. I present to you: Navies of Skyrim

This mod adds two new settlements to the game as well as scattered naval forces across the northern coast. Port Turrannus, an Imperial port city just north of the Solitude docks, and Port Seahammer, a makeshift Stormcloak naval base west of Dawnstar. This mod has no requirements.

Port Turrannus Features:

  • A new large town north of the Solitude docks featuring new models and textures
  • Several new NPCs and 4 new vendors selling a wide range of items
  • The Turrannus Apartment, a player home featuring custom static storage and many custom models and textures.
  • Dozens of Imperial soldiers for all you Stormcloaks to slaughter
  • Several Imperial Ships courtesy of the Beyond Skyrim Team and DeviantKaled with accessible interiors for more slaughtering of Imperial soldiers
  • Fully navmeshed town and interiors, meaning followers and NPCs can wander around the town without any issues

Port Seahammer Features:
  • A new Stormcloak base west of Dawnstar
  • Several new Stormcloak ships coutesy of DeviantKaled
  • Dozens of Stormcloak soldiers for you Imperials to slaughter
  • Fully navmeshed town and interiors, meaning followers and NPCs can wander around the town without any issues

The Rest of the Mod Features:

  • Stormcloak and Imperial navies scattered across the northern coast

I do not plan on adding any more content to the mod. Rather, updates will be comprised of bug fixes reported by the community and polishing of the mod. If you see an issue with the mod that needs to be fixed please let me know and I will get to it as soon as I can.

Q: So what is this mod? Is it a towns and cities mod or an immersion mod adding new ships to the game?
A: Well, originally it was going to be just an immersion mod with new ships in the game, although I began building the Imperial port and got carried away, turning it in to a full fledged town. I'd say it's a mix of both, but is really more of a towns and cities mod as that is the biggest addition to the game.

Q: Why don't the distant ships have anything on them?
A: Well first, I hope you used console commands to reach the ships and didn't swim there. Second, these ships are supposed to be out in the distance and the player is not intended to interact with them (which is why the only way to get on them is through console commands). They aren't supposed to be areas for the player to explore, but rather are supposed to convey the feeling that the civil war is happening all around you, even off the coast.

Q: How come there aren't any ships in Windhelm?
A: Much of the water on the eastern half of the coast of Skyrim is covered in ice and icebergs. Realistically I think that it would be almost impossible to get warships in and out of the Winterhold area, and even more impossible to get them in and out of Windhelm. 

Q: The large ship docked at the Imperial Port that requires a key to enter has no interior! You suck!
A: Oh no, I've been caught. Don't worry, that spot is being reserved for a future mod I am starting to work on. The ship's doors will have a purpose in the future and are only there as a placeholder.

Q: The interiors of the three Imperial ships are the exact same! You just copy and pasted them! You lazy bastard!
A: Yes, once again I've been caught. I'll admit to this one- the ships interiors are all the same, as are the interiors to the Stormcloak houses. I personally did not believe it was worth my time to go and recreate each interior as I doubt people will spend the majority of their time inside of these boats and ships and will only enter to kill enemies. If it is really that big of an issue for you, my apologies, maybe my mod isn't for you.

For a full list of modder's resources used, please check the permissions tab on the mod page.

It is forbidden to upload any edit, translation, or other version of this mod without my explicit permission. This mod is exclusive to the Nexus and will always remain that way. Furthermore this mod will always be free.
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