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About this mod

This is my first mod. I'm a huge fan of corset-related stuff and tried to incorporate it into Skyrim world. Hope you'll have some fun with it.

Permissions and credits
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SSE UNP USERS - ShmooZ did a nice port of this outfit. :) Check it out: Kozakowy's Steampunk Corset Outfit UNP
SSE CBBE USERS - you can download a wonderful SSE by docteur87 here: Kozakowy's Steampunk Outfit - SSE CBBE BodySlide

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If you love it please DONATE :)

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UPDATE 1.4-beta
- Normals fixed, the details should render consistently in various lighting now
- CBBE and UNP available

UPDATE 1.3-beta
- Black and Brown versions added
- Recompressed textures to BC1 AND BC3.

UPDATE 1.2-beta
- 4k and 2k a bit brighter textures
- NIOverride compatible heels
- many mesh fixes
- new fur shawl model
- new belt model
- minor ground objects fixes

1. Description:

This mod is a bit inspired with zerofrost's works. I'm also a huge fan of corset-related fashion and tried to incorporate it into Skyrim world. Hope you'll have some fun with it.

2. Known issues:

- female only
- minor clipping problems may occur
- there's no weightslider.

3. How to get it in game:

- type in console "help steampunk", you will get all needed IDs.
- type in console "player.additem XXX Y". XXX means necessary ID, Y means count of items you want.

4. Installation:

- I suggest using MO or NMM you can also extract the package manually.

5. Uninstallation:

- again I suggest using MO or NMM or you can remove the .esp file and mod's folders

6. Terms of use:

-You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites without permission. 
-You have to ask me first if you want to use any part of this mod in your own such as follower mod, mashup mod, etc.
-You have to ask me first if you want to convert the outfit to other bodies.
-You have to ask me first if you want to recolor/retexture the outfit.
-You are not allowed to publicily share any your modification of this mod, private sharing is allowed.
-You are not allowed to convert this outfit to other games.

If you have any questions please ask.

7. Credits:

- all parts of the armor are modelled from the scratch by kozakowy
- big thanks  to zerofrost I've learned much looking at his armors
- thanks to ShinglesCat I got much inspired to make this mod by her and also figured out how to prepare a proper description
- the mask appearing on the shots is not a part of the mod - it is made by zerofrost

8. Videos:

A Beautiful showcase by AlkemiRose:

By DonProtein (the outfit is shown at 2:46)