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Lurchers are a bulked up corrupted variant of Spriggan, created by mages and witches. They can be found on swamps and forests being used as guardians. Briarheart trees are the source of the infamous Briarheart fruits. Daedric in origin, they feed on corpses, placed bellow their roots.

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"They are abominations of the Bloodthorns (FORSWORN ancestors)!
The Lurchers were Spriggans once, until the cultists twisted and corrupted them" 

- Wyress Ileana

"Lurchers are creatures that appear in Elder Scrolls Online. Lurchers are a more masculine variant of Spriggan, and are often like so due to being cursed. Natural Lurchers can be found within swamps and forests and are sometimes used as guardians"

The most common lurcher creation method is through a reachman ritual that corrupts spriggans and the environment around them, turning the spriggans into Lurchers, killing wildlife, and growing huge, twisting, poisonous vines on the area, using for that goal special nature corruption totems, evil artifacts that exhales an ancient dark magic, a magic able to twist, corrupt and deform the purity of nature and her servants. Hagravens are probably the original creators of the artifacts.

Commonly Lurchers core glows in green light, but the ancient ones seems to glow in orange. When a Lurcher goes really enranged and unstable he startes to glow red, and commonly this ones are strayed, and not at the service of a mage or witch, due to their unpredictable nature. The Bosmer also have a few uses for Lurchers. In ESO you find one villiage of Bosmer that grow Lurchers from the ground, and use them for warfare and guards. You recieve a quest where you plant these seeds in the ground, and quickly grow Lurchers to destroy a Wood Orc camp.There is even another quest where you help a Bosmer grow Lurchers infused with various elements (Fire, Ice, Electricity). This one type of Lurcher has his core glowing in blue light and are passive unless provoked. Telvanni wizards seems to have interest in their creation too, and some scholars believe this method of creation is not achieved through corruption, but simply by nature/bosmer/druidic alteration magic, while other theory says that natural lurchers simply exist, alongside the artificially generated ones.
The reachmen even have a special Lurcher variant that is a crossbreed with Briarheart trees.

Briarheart trees are a strange species of screaming daedric tree with red leaves and the source of the infamous Briarhearts. A Briarheart Sapling, a juvenile form of the tree, its planted in a single corpse. More corpses will be placed bellow the tree's roots during the development of the plant. The fruit produced by the trees is used in rituals by Hagravens to resurrect Reachman warriors as Briarhearts. It is a great honor to be chosen for this transformation. First the warrior has his heart removed, then the fruit is plunged into the dead warrior now empty chest, and they are resurrected with greater strength and fortitude. Any corpse can serve the purpose of being resurrected by the fruit of a briarheart tree, but the ritual holds great importance for warriors of the Reach.

This trees are also able to raise some of the bones of the corpses they eat, if attacked, to defend themselves, and the big ones can also create the dangerous Briarheart Lurcher mentioned before. This variant of Lurcher has a briarheart on his chest as source of power and briarheart saplings growing on his limbs and torso.

- LURCHERS- 5 variants (lurcher/strayed lurcher, ancient
lurcher, enraged lurcher, guardian lurcher, briarheart lurcher)

- Nature corrupter totems

- Briarheart trees- 2 variants (tree and sapling)

- all above have new fight mechanics, sounds, effects, loot

- 2 new summons (they are available in forsworn staves,
on random forsworn camps, to summon Lurcher and Ancient Lurcher)

- vanilla Lurkers (hermaeus mora daedra) from DLC Dragonborn are now called Benthic Lurkers
(as planned initially by bethesda) to make things very clearly distinguished

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- models, textures, effects, sounds, loot, animations, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD PROJEKT RED and LorSakyamuni - respectively, the corpse pile bellow the
briarheart tree roots and the porting and conversion of it to skyrim
RustyShackleford69- more lore info about this creature
Achronos11- texture of the lurcher corrupted taproot