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Yuri The Crazy Russian

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A minor edits to the rescaled xpmse skeleton, made by Russian modder, the head is little smaller

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First of all, let me introduce myself, my name Yuri, and I a Russian modder, first thing you may notice is that I speak like Borat, but let get on to the real thing.

Why make this mod?

I made this mod to make kids look realistic, I no like to see beanhead kids running around my game, and first xpmse skeleton head seem too big for me, so I rescale the head a little to make things look real. 

Is this skeleton compatible other child races?

Yes! it is, I test it with Skykids and RCOTS, Others, not so sure, and I also not sure if it work properly for beast race

Note: these still contain TBBP and Vagina bones, I unable to do anything about that, so please do no use it for child pornography.


 1. Help! my kids have diferent head sizes!
That normal, it depend on the mesh of the child head.
2. Is this for Player or NPC?

NPC, since Player can use Racemenu to rescale head. (duh)

3. Why some kids not change at all?
That I not know, maybe you just saw things or I need to fix things

4. Why your kids look diferent?
I uses different mod for them (NO NUDITY!!!) such as texture and hairstyle.

5. Will you upload your child appearances?
No, they uses more than 50 mod, and I still have ask each mod author

6. What ENB you use?
I call it Crap ENB, is my own, but I not sure if I upload since it have some imported asset.