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A short quest that will explore a lost faction and introduce three weapons, two powers, and one set of armor to your playthrough.

Permissions and credits
...After the Oblivion Crisis, a number of groups cropped up dedicated to wiping out the remnants of the Mythic Dawn Cult...  -Silus Vesuius

This mod adds a short quest line with some minor puzzles to solve that, when finished, will reward you with a collection of equipment and spells.  I added to this mod slowly over the years creating weapons, armor, and spells that fit my personal RP.  Recently, I decided that I would like to share them so I put together a quest and wrote some lore to explain the RP.

V.101: Small fixes
V.102 Fix for 1st person clipping of collar

What's in it? 

1) The Storm Axe: 

A throwing axe that is enchanted to return to the user after it has been thrown.  Grants and ability called "Throw Axe" when in possession of it.  The axe cannot be upgraded or enchanted so I've compensated for this by giving it a few perks.  To compensate for not being able to upgrade the weapon, I've increased its damage to levels that should be similar to an upgraded dragon-bone waraxe if sharpened with max level blacksmith skill and the dragon-bone armor perk.  To compensate for the lack of custom enchants I've increased the weapon's speed and crit chance slightly.

Additionally, when the axe is in your inventory, you will be able to craft a replica of it that is up-gradable and enchant-able, however it cannot be used in place of the Storm Axe with the Throw Axe ability.

2) Ebony Chainmail:

Old set of ebony chainmail that was modeled after the Ursine armor from the Witcher 3.  Heavy armor and ebony in quality.  Is upgradeable and enchantable.

3) Longhilt:

An ebony greatsword that is enchanted with the ability to generate a ward in front of it when blocking.  Ebony in quality, upgradeable and IS STILL enchantable.

4) Ebony Mace:

Simple mace, ebony quality, upgradeable and enchantable.  

5)  Power - "Leap"

A warhorn can be found, that when picked up will grant the ability, Leap, to the holder.  Leap is a sort of blink ability that quickly moves the caster to the targeted location.  On arrival the caster will deal physical damage that is determined by the caster's skill in the Alteration school of magic.  The higher the skill, the higher the damage and magicka cost of using the spell.

6)  Power - "Throw Axe"

This is the "power" that is given to the player after they have attained the Storm Axe.  By itself, the ability does a base amount of damage and staggers the opponent.  With the warhorn, however, the ability's damage output is increased, which is determined by two things:  the Blacksmithing skill and the Alteration skill.  

7)  Lore

You'll find a collection of books and notes as you proceed through the quest, most of which will be found at the end.  They give a small summary to the dead/dying order known by a few names but you'll know them as the "Setting Sun".  


Q:  How do I begin the quest? 
A:  Head to the border between Skyrim and Hammerfell.  If you don't know where that is, head to Falkreath and leave SW from there following the road.  The border should be just beyond Haldir's Cairn, there you should find a dead woman with a scroll and a journal on her.

Q:  I've picked up the journal and read it but the quest won't start!
A:  Bug that occasionally happens.  Just drop the book and pick it back up.

Q:  The scroll won't work!
A:  'Nother bug that happens, fast travel once to any location to fix it (stay in Skyrim however, Solstheim and modded areas won't work.  Lore reasons).  After fast traveling once you shouldn't have to do that again, the scroll will work normally forever more.

Resources used/Credits:

tueffelachtein - Modular Crafting Table
Open Books Resource, Alchemy Resource - Blary
Elianora - Eli's Resources