No Opposite Gender Anims for Females by IlluminatedHeavenlyCloud
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Added: 29/06/2017 - 12:16PM
Updated: 23/08/2017 - 07:18AM

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Hello skyrim lovers. I know that there are mods already out there that removes "Opposite Gender Anims" from female characters. Out of the two that I found, one didn't cover all the female NPCs and thefinn's "Correct Gender Animations" edited a lot of female NPCs just to give them a facelift. I wanted other facelift mods and it created a lot of conflicts. So I made an esp that ONLY disables "Opposite Gender Anims" tag and nothing else.

Update History:

- beta4: Added NPC Brina Merillis
- beta3: Removed some unintended edits that were mistakenly overlooked. Thanks to chickmetalhead for pointing it out.
- beta2: added NPC Daighre. Thanks to htdang1 for pointing it out. You can safely update from beta to beta2 as long as you have not met Daighre yet.
- [12 July, 2017]Added an optional file that allows orc females to use female animations. Use Main file or Optional. You can switch between files without any complications.

Either Manually place inside your Skyrim Data folder or install with a Mod Manager of your choice.

Just Delete the "No OGA for females.esp" from your Skyrim Data folder or remove from your Mod Manager.

1. All skyrim DlCs or Legendary Edition
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch

3. You need to enable this esp BEFORE you meet the effected NPC. It's best if you start a new game or load from the first save after you get down from the cart.

Any Mod that edits NPC entries effected by this mod will have a conflict

Future Plans:
  • Make a non-USLEEP version
  • Make a "No Opposite Gender Anims for males" (Some male characters in Dragonborn DLC has the tag! I don't want to see any man swaying their hips. I am a heterosexual male!)

A certain someone inspired me. The file itself is made from scratch.

If any of you find any female NPC walking like a Hulking Brute after fulfilling all requirements, leave a comment or PM me.