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Patches for ETaC and JK

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Stryker already did this, but his patches don't work on the latest version of ETaC (v14), so I made new ones.

I've done Winterhold and Rorikstead. 

The Winterhold patch requires No Snow Under The Roof as a master.

Load Order is

No Snow Under The Roof (required for the Winterhold patch, not required for Rorikstead patch.)
ETaC Complete.esp OR ETaC - Winterhold.esp
JK's Winterhold.esp
ETaC - JK Winterhold K747 Patch.esp

I've fixed statics, navmesh, lighting, markers etc. Cleaned in Tes5.

Other mod's I've made just for ETaC
 Clef J Dragonbridge for ETaC
 Clef J Karthwasten for ETaC
 Clef J Shor's Stone for ETaC
 Clef J Kynesgrove for ETaC

 Whiterun Outskirts Market modified for ETaC and Immersive Whiterun
 Automatic Timed Exterior Lights
 PETCAT - Patch for Expanded Towns and Cities Alternate Textures. Also includes custom lods.
 Real Shelter patch for ETaC

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