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My collection of tweaks and enhancements to Clef J mods.

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Clef J makes, imo, some of the best mods on the Nexus. His original approach and talented use of assets means his stuff really stands out from the crowd and for a lot of folk, a Clef J mod is an insta-download.  Like all good mods, fixes are a welcome bonus and I've got a few of my own. Now you can enjoy Clef J's super tasty mods alongside all your favourite mods. Result!

I have fixed them up, added stuff, moved stuff and have been using them in my game for a loooong time. I can't remember exactly what I've done in each mod but it typically involves repairing errors, fixing navmesh, putting external lights on a timer and making them more stable, performant and absolutely worth having.  In other cases I've moved the whole building halfway across the map. Please note that I'm not saying I 100% fixed every little thing in these mods but as close as dammit.

Some homes have quests to get the key and some really cool dungeons etc. You need to visit the original mod page to find that stuff out. You will find a LINK on the downloads.


  • You must pick one of the light scripts, otherwise bad times. Choose what version suits your setup.
  • I have edited the original plugins, rather than providing patches. You still need the original resources.
  • If the original mod has any resources (meshes/textures/scripts etc), grab them from the original download page. Then use the stuff from my page to overwrite where applicable.
  • Some plugins require ETaC. For ETaC Complete and ETaC Modular I worked with ETaC version 14.
  • You can swap out the ETaC modular/complete dependency as required simply by re-naming the file header in Tes5Edit. Thanks to MJB for setting that up. Genius.

Credits to Clef J. Thankyou for sharing your work and improving my game. Your mods are in a class of their own.

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