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The Eidolons from across final fantasy come to Skyrim to aid the Dragonborn!

Permissions and credits

Summonable companions based on the Final Fantasy Series

Special Mentions: There are a few people who have helped me in the background either testing the mod or allowing me to use their assets to learn from or giving me advice on how to move forward with the mod :

Milisot1325 (asset exploration)
MercerLeonhart (asset exploration)
lefttounge  (tester)
Darnexx  (overlay and tattoos tutorials)
FF7Legend (tester and Tutorials)
TheStonedDerp (Asset tutorials)

The story so far, 
Dragons have returned, and with this disturbance so have the old gods... They are fierce unbound deities that only give their aid  to those who prove worthy of their power. 

Ifrit the lord of flames, who takes on the guise of a handsome young deadra 
Shiva, the living embodiment of the frozen tundra.
Ramuh lightning personified into tribal strength.
Yunalesca the living darkness of the cosmos.  

You do have allies:
Yuna, a foreign young woman who searches for a way help heal war torn Skyrim, she has a strange ability to communicate with long forgotten deities, she's found her way to Riverwood, calling it her home for now, she has a journal that details the locations of ancient Temples.

Carbuncle (kind of a Vaan clone),  a young man with a knack for adventure, he loves playing tricks on people ...Although he means well he does have a very annoying case of sticky fingers finding treasure in even the most inauspicious things. You can find him in the Riverwood Trader with his uncle Lucan and Aunt Camilla.

Mr.Moogle, a tiny daedra who's always smiling and willing to help those who call him, he likes to stay by the dock in river wood he's very skilled in magic and archery (can teach you to summon moogles need EFF to make him a follower).

Illia (Edea)  a sorceress who refuses to accept a dark fate chosen for her by her mother Silvia. You'll have to help her fight her way to the top of Darklight Tower where you'll confront her mother and she'll follow you, Yuna, and Carbuncle to
"Do some good for a change.".

And enemies who would wish to claim the old gods power to rule Skyrim:

The Old God Worshipers  a sect of necromancers who seek to stretch their shadow over and through Skyrim by uniting scattered mage sects ruled by Hagravens and the forsworn

Belgamay an evil summoner who learned the secret to summon Ramuh in darklight tower. 

Silvia, an evil witch who manipulates her daughter Illia to use her power to her own end.

The corrupt powers,  souls of the Old Gods warped by the necromantic cult of the Old God Worshipers.

What else has been added:
My  Channeling Magic Package 
Unique spells in the vein of Final Fantasy that burn, freeze, and electrify your foes. 
(You can even concentrate and call storms if you're really bad ass).

Artifacts from the first men 
Enchanted Rings and amulets that hold the powers of the Old Gods in them
and the souls of heroic individuals. 

This makes a nice companion mod to  Colorful Magic which adds spells like Ifrit's Caress which traps your foes in a field of fire, Diamond Dust that rains snow and hail, Thunder Rain and a slew of other amazing spells.
And other elemental destruction magic! 


Don't forget to check the Articles tab for updates and progress and the forums to add suggestions and find other final fantasy mods here on the nexus by other authors!

Facelight by TkTk will make the characters added by your chosen file and your own look fantastic even in Vanilla
HDT physics 
Animated Dragon Wings
All the characters should have HDT enabled bodies which means they can possibly crash your game without the two above mods being present

-----------------------------How to Update--------------------------
Unless I release a major update which would include fixes to all characters and new items
Then all the update files will be optional:
Look for the Update file that has the appropriate character name  and update replace any files from the main file mod when prompted
You should be prompted to replace the .Esp files (and the .Bsa files in some cases if you use it) and various body and or texture files.
These will mainly contain .esp changes nothing too major!

Merged Version: 
1. The Merged Version will have all the summons on the page
Carbuncle will be a follower in this version.

All in 1 :
As of Final Fantasy Skyrim 2.0

-------------------------- Credits  ---------------------------

Noble Dress & Noble Dress Retexture Stand Alone:
Snow White Crown:
CBBE:      (NSFW)
Pretty Face:
The Coenaculi:
All the ice and water magic from Colorful Magic and Elemental Destruction Magic :P
KS Hairdos :
Fsx Sentiment Eyes:
Freckle mania:
or Racemenu Freckle Overlay: 

Special Outfit :
Snake Bikini Armor from that links to another site.... Great Outfit my thank you goes to its creator

Ifrit: and Ifrita
Shape Atlas For Men:  (must create an Account)
Maleficent Headdress (curved Horns):
Soft Touched Male Face Skin Light Version (SAM conversion of pretty face for men)
Animated Dragon Wings-- Evil Wings retexture :
KS Hairdos :
Fsx Sentiment Eyes:
PSQ (for his Tattoos, however you can use the tribal set from the Coenaculi) : is an AdultSite) (Removed in 2.0)
1. Deadric Armor 
2. Something made by someone...

Mostly Bethesda For Skyrim Assets :P 
Runic Eyes by Mari
Racemenu By Expired
Pretty Face For Men
Elder Ramuh: uses Bethesda's assets and looks amazing with Voltage's Electric textures

Character Creation: KS Hairdos
Shape Atlas for Men ---> Vector Plexus
Softtouch Male Face + Pretty Face for men
Bethesda: For Eyes and bound bow
5 Yoon MELONFOLLOWER by mali0723 (mouth, nose with some adjustments better specular for eyes):
1. Final Fantasy Vaan outfit by PinkSky
2.Final Fantasy 8 Garden Uniform and Squall Necklace: PinkSky

  Edea and Yunalesca
   Shadow Spell Package by the Super Talented  Teneb Kel
    KS Hairdos
    Pink Sky for Yunalesca's outfit
    FNIS and the HDT physics team for Bloodmage outfit
    Colorful magic : color gradients (Yellow and Violet) 
    Gimp: Texture editing
    Nifscope: Mesh UV editing
    Nifmerge: Character asset importing
No body files are included 

ELAF: Elafrosicky
This file is based on ELAF's work

Ultimate Ssummonsjp by Takoyaki 

A Big thankyou to 
*~*~*~NexusMods and their amazing community*~*~*~

for his Mod: AMARA Succubus 

Merge Plugins by the Merge Plugins Team TY!

 quest creation:
UltimateSummonsjp by takoyaki   (so amazing!)
UltimateSummonsjp BSA by takoyaki69 and IZakaIDzeroNo
 Modern Clothing used in Screen shots 
Vie Casual Clothes ---> Leisure Suit ---> Ifrit
Aether Suite ---> Grey Parka & Striped Blue Socks---> Shiva
All files in this mod were created using assets made for Skyrim or content created for Skyrim by those who play Skyrim using programs like nifscope, blinder, and gimp. No Square Enix or Square Soft materials were used in creation of this mod